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SINGAPORE DRAMA DVD My School Daze Ep.1-20 End 书包太重 by 陈秀群 (T12)
Code : TSCS108
Price : MYR59.90 SGD28.45 USD23.36 RMB161.73 MYR47.92 / SGD22.76 / USD18.69 / RMB129.38
Weight :350 g
Staring :Chen Hanwei , Ann Kok , Cynthia Koh , Rui En , Terence Cao , Darren Lim / 陈汉伟 , 瑞恩 , 曹国辉 , 郭舒贤 , 林明伦 , 许美珍 , 陈天文 , 林梅娇 ,
Director :黄光荣 ,
Year :2009
Genre :Family / Love / Relationship ,
Subtitle :English ,
Language :Chinese/ Mandarin ,
Video Format :NTSC ,
Discs :5
Region Code :ALL ,
Model :DVD ,
Manufacturer :PMP Entertainment (M) Sdn Bhd ,

Tan Xiang Chun (Chen Han Wei),an experienced Chinese language teacher,loses faith as he feels that the new generation of students does not take Chinese learning seriously.Disillusioned,he leaves the teaching professional and help out in the tuition centre set up by his wife,Kang Qiao Zhen (Ann Kok).As the numeber of parents sending their children to tuition centres grows,Zhang Luo Yun (Rui En),an ambitious young teacher,also decides to leave the profession to open one that caters to high caliber students.
Xiang Chun's neighbour,Tang An Di (Darren Lim) and Yao Gui Juan (Cynthia Kah) worked hard to put their son through extra tuition classes,but the latter is only interested in cooking hence thwarting his parents grand for him.
With parents scrambling to provide extra curricular classes for their children to gain a competitive edge,the drama explores the need to strike a balance in a child's development,both academically and emotionally.



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