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Twenty Four DVD Season 1- Season 4 24小时反恐部队 24小时反恐部队 DVD 第一季到第四季 Twenty Four
Code : DVD
Price : MYR350.00 SGD166.25 USD136.50 RMB945.00 MYR280.00 / SGD133.00 / USD109.20 / RMB756.00
Weight :300 g
Staring :Kiefer Sutherland , Mary Lynn Rajskub , Carlos Bernard , Annie Wersching , James Morrison , Colm Feore , Jeffrey Nordling , Bob Gunton , Janeane Garofalo , Rhys Coiro , Cherry Jones ,
Genre :Detective / Action ,
Subtitle :Chinese ,
Language :English ,
Discs :32
Region Code :ALL ,
Model :DVD ,

24 is a thriller which is shown in "real-time," with each minute of airtime corresponding to a minute in the lives of the characters.[9] Commercial breaks are placed at times when non-essential plot is taking place (e.g. characters driving somewhere will begin when a commercial break starts and arrive at their destination at the end of the commercial break.) This allows for the show to actually occur in real time without compromising action. The real time of the show continues to roll during the commercials throughout the show, emphasizing the reality of the 24 hours of the season which the characters work. Finally, 24 does not use slow motion techniques, even on moments of rapid action or sleight-of-hand which other franchises might choose to emphasize in that way.

Actual show run time without commercials is between 42-44 minutes, as is typical for hour long television shows on many commercial stations. However, the effect only works if episodes are shown with commercial breaks during the show and then only if these are inserted at the right points in time and have the same length, which may not fit in with the normal programming of a commercial station. Region Code: 3

Picture Format: NTSC


《24》在美国,英国播映时倍受赞赏,更在第五十四届艾美奖中获得十项提名,并囊括[戏剧组最佳剧本]及[最佳单镜头简介奖]两项殊荣。故事开始于凌晨十二时,主角美国政府反恐怖组织成员包杰克(Jack Bauer)正于妻子包达丽(Teri Bauer)和女儿包金帕(Kimberly Bauer)在家中,一切如常。未料金帕偷偷离开,当杰克和妻子发现金帕又跑在外时,杰克突然接到组织急召,原來组织收到消息,有一恐怖组织正进行暗杀总统候选人柏大卫(David Palmer)的行动。反恐怖组织上下顿时气氛紧张,杰克上司更叮嘱杰克要秘密进行调查,更不可随便洩露行踪;因为他怀疑组织內部可能暗藏著奸細,而且,数目可能不只一个......

《24》是个真实时间剧, 每一集一小时,共分24集, 严格随着故事在24个小时内展开,观众由此而经历着和剧中人一样的心理历程。 所有千头万绪的线索和猜疑都慢慢展开, 直到最后一刻真相大白,危机迎刃而解。 而其中的惊悚和紧张刺激,让人无法透气;该剧在全美创下惊人收视率,绝对值得观看!!!

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