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Dainty-Coffee Mask 咖啡活颜面膜【丹堤】
Code : D007
Price : MYR1.50 SGD0.71 USD0.58 RMB4.05 MYR1.20 / SGD0.57 / USD0.47 / RMB3.24
Weight :10 g
Genre :Facial Mask ,
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Effect: Chlorogenic Acid from Coffee Arabica Extract has excellent Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity(ORAC)as well as Hydroxyl Radical Averting Capacity contributing to powerful antioxidant properties.NP Coffee Mask also contains stable vitamin C,licorice extract,natural moisturizing factor (NMF),allantoin.The perfect formulation create anti-aging,whitening,moisturizing and repairing effects with coffee aroma and make your skin healthier,firmer,younger.For all skin types.
主要成份         生咖啡豆萃取、维他命C、甘草萃取、天然保湿因子、尿囊素  产品功效          生 咖啡豆富含绿原酸,能清除氧的自由基,展现强大的抗氧化特性.咖啡活颜面膜这完美配方亦含稳定的维他命C、甘草萃取、天然保湿因子、尿囊素等成份,在享受 咖啡香气同时达成抗老化、美白、保湿、修复的功效,使肌肤更健康、更紧实、更年轻。任何肌肤均可使用。 

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