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01Jun2023 - 05:05 03 PM
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ˮʪĤ ҵĻ
Code : A053
Price : MYR1.90 SGD0.90 USD0.74 RMB5.13 MYR1.52 / SGD0.72 / USD0.59 / RMB4.10
Weight :10 g
Genre :Facial Mask ,
Discs :0

iˮĤ,ИOѵı,׌w⻬ۼ񡣃ȺNֲݼA,ma伡wIB,ƴֲ,ȱˮ ѵȬF
Function :
Premium hyaluronan mask with the best moisturizing effect gives you a smooth, gentle and moisture skin. With many types of plant essence, this mask supplements nutrition to the skin to improve the conditions such as roughness, dryness, and cracks.

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