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ED:LOis & Clark The New Adventures Of Superman The Complete 1-4 Season 新超人 DVD9
Code : w001058
Price : MYR159.90 SGD75.95 USD62.36 RMB431.73 MYR127.92 / SGD60.76 / USD49.89 / RMB345.38
Weight :500 g
Staring :Dean Cain , Teri Hatcher ,
Director :Alan J Levi , Chris Long , Daniel Attias , David Jackson , Geoffrey Nottage ,
Genre :Detective / Action ,
Language :English ,
Video Format :NTSC ,
Discs :8
Region Code :ALL ,
Model :DVD9 ,

Season one Season 1 Episodes The first season (1993 - 1994) was a success; garnering the cast, especially Hatcher and Cain, critical praise for their performances. Lane Smith was a huge success, breathing life and humour into the Daily Planet editor-in-chief Perry White. John Shea also met with rave reviews over his portrayal of Lex Luthor, while Landes gained a cult following for his more modern-day Jimmy Olsen character trying to uncover the truth and become a reporter. Lex Luthor was killed off in the season finale, after a falling-out between Shea and the producers over the actor's strenuous commute between New York and Los Angeles. No longer a regular cast member, he only reappeared sporadically; once in season two and twice in season three. [edit] Season two Season 2 Episodes Season two (1994 - 1995) dropped the character of Cat Grant and replaced Michael Landes with Justin Whalin as Jimmy Olsen. The official reason, according to Landes, was that he looked too similar to Dean Cain. (On the DVD commentary for the pilot of Lois & Clark, Dean Cain has admitted that he and Landes looked like they could be related.) Series creator Deborah Joy LeVine and the entire first-season writing team were also dismissed. The new producer, Robert Singer, planned a stronger focus on "action". [1]; the show also focused more on the budding romance of Lois and Clark. Many villains began to appear from the comics, such as The Prankster, Metallo, the Toyman and the criminal group known as Intergang, and features new love interests for the ace reporters: Dan Scardino (Jim Pirri), a government agent interested in Lois, and D. A. Mayson Drake (Farrah Forke). This season also featured the debut of fan-favorite villain Tempus (played by Lane Davies) and H.G. Wells, as a time-traveler. Wells' younger self was played by Terry Kiser, and the older Wells was played by Hamilton Camp. Season 2 ended with the cliffhanger of Clark proposing marriage to Lois. [edit] Season three Season 3 Episodes In the premiere episode of season 3 (1995 - 1996), Lois revealed that she had recently learned Clark's secret identity. Only later in the 7th episode of the season "Ultra Woman" did Lois finally accept Clark's proposal. The long-anticipated wedding was put off to coincide with the characters' marriage in the comics, which led to many storylines designed to delay and interrupt the wedding on the TV series. Another controversy erupted when ABC announced that the wedding would actually take place Valentine's Day weekend, even sending out heart-shaped "wedding invitations" to ABC News staff, only to present viewers with a bogus wedding in which Clark unwittingly married a clone of Lois, developed by a mad scientist whose creations were required to ingest frogs periodically. [edit] Season four Season 4 Episodes Lane Smith as Perry White. Lane Smith as Perry White. The fourth and final season (1996 - 1997) began with the resolution of a cliffhanger involving a previously unknown colony of Kryptonians. A villainous conqueror from New Krypton, Lord Nor, takes over Clark's hometown of Smallville. After the conclusion of this story arc, Lois & Clark finally wed in the 3rd episode of the season. The same week of the airing of this episode, DC Comics released "Superman, the Wedding Album," featuring the long awaited marriage of Lois Lane and Clark Kent, written and penciled by many of the writers and artists involved with Superman since the 1986 revamp, including some legends from the silver age, and an unpublished work of the late Curt Swan. The series ended on a strange cliffhanger in which Lois and Clark find an infant on their doorstep, along with a note that claimed the child belonged to them. This mystery was never resolved. Earlier in the 4th season, ABC had announced and promised an additional 5th year of the show, so the show's producers and writers were caught unprepared when ABC later changed its mind and decided that no new episodes would be produced. The series had weakened in its Sunday 8:00 timeslot and had been shifted to 7:00 in January, and finally a last-ditch move to Saturdays in the spring. The ratings continued to drop. ABC made up for its commitment with Warner Bros. by ordering 13 episodes of a Debra Messing drama called "Prey." 如果说电影版《超人》为我们塑造了一个永不没落的钢铁之躯的话,那电视版超人《Lois & Clark》无疑是在讲述一个平民英雄的故事。 在剧内你会发现,一个柏拉图似的爱情故事,一种永恒的博爱精神,一个个鲜活立体的人物…… 《新超人冒险记之露易斯和克拉克》(Lois & Clark - The New Adventures of Superman)是华纳兄弟公司出品1993年在美国ABC广播网上播出。此剧一共有四季88集(美国电视连续剧通常是一年播一季)拍摄了将近四年,除第一季外每季22集(第一季有21集其中第一集分上下两部分),由迪恩·凯恩(Dean Cain)和泰瑞·海切尔(Teri Hatcher)主演超人和露易斯。超人新的故事播出后引起了很大反响,特别是在网络上。由于强调了其中克拉克进入大城市工作以及和露易斯的感情故事,并以此为故事主线,再加上新的拍摄手法和科幻成分,它的播出影响了很大一批年轻的观众。ABC原先答应拍摄第五季,但最后一直没有结果并在1997年5月 21日全美在线声明此剧结束,以至于第88集的片尾永远是to be countined(未完待续)。 1997年7月,美国TNT台开始完整地反复播出露易斯和克拉克一直到2003年停止。虽然已经结束但LNC迷们一直在网络上延续着超人的故事,创作了大量的“第五、第六季"。 这次的男女主角都选的是那种很美型的演员,导致了后来一堆该系列的粉丝的产生。网络上存在着大量的“第五季”甚至是“第六季”的内容,当然了这些都是粉丝的作品,由此可见这部作品不一般的人气。男主角迪恩·凯恩曾经是一名足球运动员,受伤后退役加入了演艺圈。他不仅对演艺有着很大的兴趣,对剧本写作也同样有着一定的造诣。该系列的不少剧集就出自他的笔下。迪恩·凯恩英俊的相貌和良好的作风是他赢得了大量女影迷的心,笑。2001年憨豆先生的电影版《亡命夺宝》中,也有迪恩·凯恩的身影。而由于女主角泰瑞·海切尔也由于在该剧中的杰出表现,从而使得他赢得在97年出演007第十八集《明日帝国》的机会。当然了,那部片子里面他要扮作人妇,明显的老了许多了。很具有历史意义的是,第一位扮演露易斯的女演员也在该剧中曾经客串了露易斯的母亲。 在中国,《露易斯和克拉克》的首次播放时间大约是98至99年期间,并在各个地方台多次播放,受到好评。可惜的是大陆只有引进了第一二两季,所以我们对故事情节的了解也只限于露易斯不知道克拉克的超人身份之前。虽然离当时看露易斯和克拉克已经过去了很久,凡是知道有后两季的中国超人迷都十分渴望看到后两季。

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