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ED: BattleStar Galactica Season 1-2 DVD9
Code : W000544
Price : MYR49.90 SGD23.70 USD19.46 RMB134.73 MYR39.92 / SGD18.96 / USD15.57 / RMB107.78
Weight :250 g
Genre :Detective / Action , Horror / Science Fiction / Thriller ,
Subtitle :Chinese , English ,
Language :English ,
Video Format :NTSC ,
Discs :2
Region Code :ALL ,
Model :DVD9 ,
Manufacturer : ,

WIth the 12 colonies of man virtually destroyed in the climaxof a hundred -year war with the Cylon Empire,President Roslin (Mary McDonnell)and Commander Adama (Edward Jamese Olmos) gather up the few humans left and embark on a journey to find the mythical planet Earth,not realizing that the Cylon robot is no longer a recognizable enemy.Battlestar Galactica is a complete re-imagining of the 1970series -upping the ante on the action,adventure,and drama that made the original so popular... 在宇宙中未知的地方有一个由12个人类殖民地组成的星际国家,人类为了方便制造了Cylons(机器人)为人类服务,但cylons起来反抗人类,双方在血站之后停火.Cylons离开了殖民地去建立自己的国家,40年的和平让人类放松了警惕,Cylons通过人类内部的间谍了人类的防御。。。

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