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Code : 9555184110249
Price : MYR24.90 SGD11.83 USD9.71 RMB67.23 MYR19.92 / SGD9.46 / USD7.77 / RMB53.78
Weight :100 g
Genre :Sound Track ,
Language :English ,
Video Format :NTSC , PAL ,
Discs :1
Model :VCD ,

Stephen Chow, the director and star of international smashes Kung Fu Hustle and Shaolin Soccer returns with a fantastical sci-ficomedy adventure about the shocking arrival of an amazing new “pet” who shakes up the lives of a poor construction worker and his son. Ti (Chow) labors everyday to provide for his young son Dicky (Xu Jian). Dicky doesn’t fit in with his classmate because he wears tattered clothes and doesn’t own the latest electronic gadgets. One night, Ti searches the junkyard for a special toy for his son and discovers a mysterious orb. When he brings it home for Dicky to play with, the orb reveals itself to be a shape-shifting creature with extraordinary powers. Armed with his new, out-of-his-world friend, Dicky seizes the opportunity to impress his fellow students for the first time. But his mischievous pet has ideas of its own

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