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JAPANESE MOVIE DVD A Silent Voice The Movie / 声之形剧场版 by Reiko Yoshida
Code : 9555329252636
Price : MYR19.90 SGD9.45 USD7.76 RMB53.73 MYR15.92 / SGD7.56 / USD6.21 / RMB42.98
Weight :200 g
Director :Naoko Yamada ,
Year :2017-06
Genre :Others ,
Subtitle :Chinese , English , Malay ,
Language :Japanese ,
Video Format :NTSC ,
Discs :1
Region Code :ALL ,
Model :DVD ,
Manufacturer :VBG Network Sdn Bhd ,
Producer :ANIME 动漫 ,

Shōya Ishida walks along a bridge contemplating suicide when some people lighting fireworks along the shore distract him. He flashbacks to his elementary school days when his teacher introduces a new student, Shōko Nishimiya, who is deaf. Shōya, known to be a delinquent, ridicules the unaware Shōko in front of her classmates due to her disability. As Shōko tries to befriend her classmates, Naoko Ueno, originally helpful towards her, eventually leads the others to rebuff her. Miyoko Sahara is the only student that tries to learn sign language to befriend Shōko, but is eventually antagonized by the others as well.

Ueno notices Shōko has hearing aids and asks to see them. Shōya asks her what it is and tells Ueno to throw them to him, which he then tosses out the window. Several days go by as Shōya continually harasses Shōko until, one day, Shōko's ear bleeds due to Shōya yanking out her hearing aids.

The next day, the school principal announces in class that the reason why Shōko is absent is because her mother, Yaeko Nishimiya, has called to report that eight of Shōko's hearing aids have gone missing and wanted to know if Shōko was being bullied in school. Shōya's teacher, Takeuchi, demands Shōya to stand up, knowing that he is the culprit. Shōya declares that he is not the only one, saying his friends were accomplices as well. His friends declare that they tried to stop Shōya, but he ignored their pleas. Shōya goes home and is confronted by his mother, Miyako Ishida, who asks if the call she received about him causing trouble at school was true. He reluctantly admits it and his mother declares that they will see the Nishimiyas immediately to apologize and to pay for the cost of the hearing aids. As time passes, Shōko transfers to another school and Shōya's friends turn on him, becoming a victim of their bullying.

Shōya is now in high school and is isolated by his classmates because of his past, but accepts it as punishment for what he did. Full of guilt and anxiety, he tends to block out those around him. One day, he decides to return Shōko's notebook from the sixth grade in the hopes of making amends with her. He apologizes to her in sign language, which surprises Shōko. He then declares that he wants to be friends.

At school, he witnesses Tomohiro Nagatsuka being bullied. Shōya reluctantly confronts the two and he lends the bully his bike, only to later realize that it had been stolen. He attempts to visit Shōko at her sign language learning class, bringing bread to join Shōko when she feeds the carp in the river under Suimonbashi bridge, but is blocked by Yuzuru at the door of the classroom, telling him that Shōko isn't inside even though she is. On his way home, he sees Nagatsuka with his bike, telling Shōya that he found it abandoned in a rice field, and that he tried so hard to find it and give it back. They eventually form a friendship, with Nagatsuka considering Shōya his best friend.

Shōya visits Shōko at the learning class again, but is blocked by the same boy at the door. Assuming that he is her boyfriend, Shōya decides to leave when Nagatsuka arrives and confronts Yuzuru. The two start fighting and the scene causes Shōko to see Shōya, who runs away with Shōko running after him. They eventually end up at a bridge where they talk and feed the carp together. Shōko then starts reading the her sixth grade notebook, but Shōya tells her not too. Trying to take the notebook from her, it accidentally falls in the river. Shōko jumps down to the river to retrieve the notebook, with Shōya following her. That night, unbeknownst to Shōya, a photo of him jumping in the river taken by Yuzuru is posted online.

The next day, Shōya is suspended from school for a week for jumping in the river. He goes to a park to pick up his niece Maria, who says there is someone sleeping in the park tube. He finds Yuzuru sleeping inside, appearing homeless and without any shoes on. That night, Yuzuru reluctantly joins Shōya to his house for dinner and sleeps over. Yuzuru leaves in the middle of the night under the rain, but is eventually followed by Shōya, who gives him his old pair of shoes and brings him home. On the way, Shōya tells him that he is remorseful for the way he treated Shōko and is trying to make amends. They reach Yuzuru's home where Yuzuru tells Shōya that she is actually Shōko's sister, not her boyfriend.

Shōya tells Shōko that he has a new smartphone and asks if Shōko wants anyone's phone number. She responds with Sahara, their elementary school classmate. He asks Kawai and she tells Shōya and Nagatsuka that Sahara goes to the same school as Ueno. Shōya and Shōko take the train to visit Sahara and Shōko thanks him through SMS on the train. As they reach the station, Sahara coincidentally meets them at the station and calls out Shōko's name, surprised to see that Shōya is accompanying her. As Shōko and Sahara talk, Shōya excuses himself to the bathroom and bumps into Ueno as she hands him a coupon flier to a cat café.

Shōya finds Shōko feeding the koi at the river. As he leaves to buy more bread, Shōko gives Shōya a gift and musters up the courage to confess to him, but because of her handicap, Shōya thinks she is talking about the moon. Shōko goes home in frustration, telling Yuzuru of her failed attempt.

At school, classmate Satoshi Mashiba tells Shōya that Ueno seemed upset. He knows that Shōko was bullied at school and he hates bullies. Kawai exposes his past and blames him for bullying Shōko. All the friends gather at the bridge and have a confrontation, ending with Shōya calling everybody out for who they really are. They all leave, disappointed in Shōya. Shōko and Yuzuru are left.

Shōya spends the summer with the two and attend a summer fireworks festival. Shōko excuses herself and says she has to leave early to study. Yuzuru then asks Shōya to go to their home and get her camera. When he walks in, he sees Shōko standing on the railing of the balcony, ready to jump to her death. He grabs her just as she leaps and prays to God that he will stop blocking people out and acknowledging people again. As Shōya pulls Shōko to safety, he falls into the river below.

At the hospital, Shōya is in a coma. Ueno is beating up Shōko outside for Shōya's accident when Yaeko intervenes. Ueno and Yaeko both hit each other and Ueno angrily asks why Yaeko even has children when she cannot take care of them herself. Miyako finds them fighting and mediates the situation. Shōko apologizes to Miyako, also wailing and grovelling at her feet. Shōko tells Nagatsuka that she wants to make things right again.

At night, Shōko has a dream where Shōya declares he is dying. She wakes up and runs to the river and wails. Meanwhile, Shōya wakes up from his coma due to him worrying about Shōko. He runs to the river and finds her. He declares that everything was his fault and that Shōko should not blame herself for anything. He formally apologizes to her for his past misdeeds and wants her to help him live normally.

When Shōya arrives home, Ueno reveals that it was Shimada and Hirose who pulled him out of the river, despite them not wanting Shōya to know. He goes to school with Shōko in an attempt to rekindle and apologize for the series of events, but finds himself queasy from anxiety. He attends his school fair with the friends and finally feels that he has redeemed himself.

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