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Fuyu No Sakura 冬之樱
Code : 3361400034918
Price : MYR42.90 SGD20.38 USD16.73 RMB115.83 MYR34.32 / SGD16.30 / USD13.38 / RMB92.66
Weight :250 g
Staring :Imai Miki 今井美树 , Kusanagi Tsuyoshi草剪刚 , Kato Rosa 加藤罗莎 , Sato Takeru佐藤健 , Choi Ji-woo 崔智友 ,
Genre :Comedy / Love ,
Subtitle :Chinese , English , Malay ,
Language :Japanese ,
Video Format :NTSC ,
Discs :3
Region Code :ALL ,
Model :DVD ,
Manufacturer :Media Way Trading ,

Tasuku is a glassworker living in Yamagata Prefecture. His days are busy working and looking after his mother who suffers from dementia. Monami, who lives in Tokyo, has come to visit Yamagata alone, to see the Keiou cherry blossoms that bloom in the winter. However, her purse gets snatched and she falls, hitting her head badly and as a result, loses her memory. It is Tasuku who saves her and looks after her. Meanwhile, Tasuku’s mother’s condition worsens and she passes away. Hajime, Tasuku’s younger brother who lives in Tokyo, comes back to Yamagata for the funeral. He is surprised to see Monami by Tasuku’s side. He tells Monami about how good and kind Tasuku is to himself and their mother. As the bond between Tasuku and Monami grows stronger, Monami’s identity is revealed. It turns out that she is not only married but also a mother…


在山形縣郊外居住的玻璃工匠稲葉祐(草彅剛),因為一直照顧母親而從未戀愛過。而另一方面來自東京的石川萌奈美(今井美樹)為了尋訪冬天開花的「啓翁櫻」而獨自前往山形縣。 二人偶遇,祐被萌奈美深深吸引,但此時萌奈美被劫重傷,祐把她救起並在他家中暫住,然而她因為受傷而失憶,陷入恐懼和不安,祐一直安慰她照顧她,漸漸地愛上了她但卻不敢開口。

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