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VCD Ballad Of Suh Dong (Seo Dong Yo) Vol.2 Episode: 29-55 End 薯童谣 Korean Drama
Code : 9555209001248
Price : MYR85.00 SGD40.38 USD33.15 RMB229.50 MYR68.00 / SGD32.30 / USD26.52 / RMB183.60
Weight :600 g
Staring :赵显宰 , 李宝英 , 柳镇 , 金英浩 ,
Director :李炳勋 ,
Year :2005
Genre :Ancient Period , Family / Love / Relationship ,
Subtitle :Chinese , Malay ,
Language :Chinese/ Mandarin , Korean ,
Video Format :NTSC ,
Discs :24
Region Code :ALL ,
Model :VCD ,
Manufacturer :Multimedia Entertainment Sdn Bhd ,
Producer :KOREA SBS ,

Producer Lee Byung-Hun and writer Kim Yeong-hyeon from "Jewel in the Palace (Dae Jang Geum)", last year's major hit drama here and in China, have again teamed up for a new historical drama.

The SBS drama "Sodongyo", translated as "Sodong's Song", has much in common with "Jewel in the Palace". Both deal with similar themes: a success story of a lower class person rising to the top, a love that transcends social position, a secret of birth and a rivalry between main characters.

However, whereas "Jewel" is set in the Choson Kingdom (1392-1910), "Sodongyo" takes place in the Paekche Kingdom (18 B.C. - A.D 660), a first for a TV drama. Aside from the romance between a princess and a commoner, an interesting part of the drama is that it focuses on a fierce technology war almost 1,500 years ago.

The protagonist is Sodong, a commoner who strives to become a top technician. Unaware that he is in fact of royal birth, Sodong later becomes King Mu, the 30th king of Paekche.

The main background of the drama is Taehaksa, Paekche's prestigious institute of science technology. As it possessed and developed the most up-to-date technology at that time, the institute was always in danger of industrial espionage from other countries like the Koguryo Kingdom and the Silla Kingdom.

"The 21st century is an era of information technology. The viewers will be able to see not only the splendidly rich culture of the Paekche Kingdom but also their ancestors' passion for information technology, which is in line with today's trend", said the drama's writer Kim.

The drama also reveals the role of monks as industrial spies at that time, an aspect of monks in the past that is rarely focused 0n.

"Monks were the advance guards of intelligence war at that time. The leaders of the three countries made the best use of the monks' mobility as they were allowed to move freely from country to country on sacred missions", said Kim.

The drama also features a character who was originally from the Silla Kingdom (57 B.C. - A.D 935) but went over to Paekche as a child and smuggled himself into Taehaksa, concentrating on secretly getting out high-quality information over a long time.

Various agricultural technologies considered the most up-to-date at that time also appear in the drama.

In some episodes, to solve the problems of excessive dryness of the land, they released earthworms, and used ondol (hot floor) for the first time to decrease the humidity of homes.

"Sodongyo" is said to be one of Korea's oldest folk songs. According to Samgukyusa (The Memorabilia of the Three Kingdoms) from the Silla Kingdom, the song was written by Sodong, a commoner from the Paekche Kingdom. Hearing that Princess Sonhwa, a daughter of King Chinpyong of the Silla Kingdom was beautiful, he writes a song saying that the princess visits Sodong's room every night and spreads the song around. When her father hears the song, he condemns the princess to exile. Sodong picks her up and takes her to Paekche, and they become the royal couple of the country.


燕嘉谋在腿弯山下一个人生下了孩子,以卖红薯维持穷困潦倒的生活.这个孩子就是薯童(卖红薯的瘦小孩子之意)本名叫章(扶余章, 璋)薯童变成了坏孩子,为此苦心的妈妈把他托付给宫廷太学士的技术博士木罗须.可是木罗须系阿佐太子势力,和宫廷内的实权人物夫余宣对立,生命受到威胁,为此带着薯童逃离宫廷,到新罗避难,并在那里开办了亡命技术工房.工房分开发用碳素钢制作各种刀剑及铁制品的部门,和包括三族土器在内的最尖端的开发陶瓷器部门等.在这里学冶炼技术的薯童认识了善花公主,可是由于善花公主的失误,工房变成了瓦砾



新罗真平王得知这一信息后,向沙宅己楼提出铤而走险的方案,己楼为了得到善花公主的欢心,只好答应. 这个时候,薯童在与阿佐太子格斗过程中五色夜明珠被偷偷换走.薯童已经知道了它的意义:那是百济王子的象征并且知道了自己是王子的身份.可是就在这时,发生了作为使臣去高句丽的阿佐太子被夫余宣暗杀事件 ...........


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