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Japan Anime

ANIME DVD Kamen Rider Amazons/ 假面骑士亚马逊 (Season 2) Vol. 1 - 13 End by Yasuko Kobayashi
Code : 9555329253480
Price : MYR39.90 SGD18.95 USD15.56 RMB107.73 MYR31.92 / SGD15.16 / USD12.45 / RMB86.18
Weight :300 g
Director :Hidenori Ishida ,
Year :2017-09
Genre :Others ,
Subtitle :Chinese , English , Malay ,
Language :Japanese ,
Video Format :NTSC ,
Discs :2
Region Code :ALL ,
Model :DVD ,
Manufacturer :VBG Network Sdn Bhd ,
Producer :ANIME 动漫 ,

Haruka Mizusawa is a meek young man who became infected with Amazon Cells (アマゾン細胞 Amazon Saibō), which are created by the Nozama Pharmacy company (野座間製薬株式会社 Nozama Seiyaku Kabushikigaisha). This causes Haruka to transform into the feral berserker Kamen Rider Amazon Omega (仮面ライダーアマゾンオメガ Kamen Raidā Amazon Omega) as he strives to assert his humanity while fighting similarly infected creatures called the Amazonz (アマゾン Amazon). Haruka also encounters the Nozama Peston Service (ノザマペストンサービス Nozama Pesuton Sābisu), Nozama Pharmacy's Amazon hunters, and Jin Takayama, a former cell biologist at Nozama Pharmacy and Amazon hunter who becomes Kamen Rider Amazon Alpha (仮面ライダーアマゾンアルファ Kamen Raidā Amazon Arufa). Later, Jun Maehara, a member of Nozama Peston Service who died once during an Amazonz attacks, is revived into Kamen Rider Amazon Sigma (仮面ライダーアマゾンシグマ Kamen Raidā Amazon Shiguma). Season 2 focuses on a new protagonist named Chihiro, a lone boy raised by Amazonz who hates them but must suppress his cannibalistic urges and can transform into Kamen Rider Amazon Neo (仮面ライダーアマゾンネオ Kamen Raidā Amazon Neo), and is soon revealed to be the son of Kamen Rider Amazon Alpha. The original protagonist Haruka would later acquire an upgraded form known as Kamen Rider Amazon New Omega (仮面ライダーアマゾンニューオメガ Kamen Raidā Amazon Nyū Omega).

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