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Japan Anime

ANIME DVD RahXephon By Yutaka Izubuchi / 出渕裕 (A32)
Code : DVD-CRT-036
Price : MYR45.90 SGD21.80 USD17.90 RMB123.93 MYR36.72 / SGD17.44 / USD14.32 / RMB99.14
Weight :300 g
Director :Yutaka Izubuchi / 出渕裕 ,
Year :2002
Genre :Robot/ Robotics/ Mecha ,
Subtitle :English , Chinese ,
Language :Japanese ,
Video Format :NTSC ,
Audio Format :AUDIO STEREO ,
Discs :3
Region Code :ALL ,
Model :DVD ,
Manufacturer :Zestbase Entertainment Sdn Bhd ,
Producer :ANIME 动漫 ,

Kamina Ayato was a boy living in Tokyo for 16 years. In the days when Tokyo is a major unknown aircraft were attacked, he was taken to check with his friends on his way. Because of the ensuing battle in the sky, he is seperated with his friends and met a wonderful girl Mishima Reika. Reika led him to an underground temple called Xephon Temple. Where they found a giant egg float. Reika sing for eggs and giant humanoid giant explosion to get through and Ayato to Rahxephon famous inside. In the mean time, the other two giant individual to defend the city in the sky and the air craft opposition attacks. Rahxephon flying into the sky, to eliminate all but one of them invaders and destroy a giant among individuals Duremu famous. When Ayato woke up from the incident, he was in the hospital. News seems to ignore even though other individuals mentioned Rahxephon new weapons, said defense forces. While other women look and tried to take away the magic Ayato, many inexplicable things began to happen. His mother was born famous door and his friends do not seem to know Mishima, he considered his classmates. To awaken his blood, Ayato once again and this time though in Rahxephon break the barriers surrounding Tokyo. It is quite different results overseas. Not only residents feeling, and feeling at a time. What happened in the world? And what is the Tokyo Ayato grow? These and more questions will be answered as the story moving.




Kamina Ayato 是一个16 年男孩住在东京。在重大的天当东京是被攻击的未知的航空器, 他是在他的途中采取检查与他的朋友。由于接着而来的争斗在天空, 他是seperated 与他的朋友和遇见一个神奇女孩Mishima Reika 。Reika 带领他一个地下寺庙称Xephon Temple 。在他们那里发现了一巨型蛋漂浮。Reika 唱歌对蛋和巨型类人动物爆炸通过和Ayato 得到巨人, 以Rahxephon 著名的里面。在平均时间, 另外二巨型个体出现在天空和保卫城市反对攻击的空气工艺。Rahxephon 飞行入天空, 消除所有除了侵略者的当中一个和毁坏巨型个体的当中一个以Duremu 著名。当Ayato 醒了从事件, 他是在医院。新闻似乎忽略提及Rahxephon 即使其它个体称防御力量的新武器。当其它神奇妇女看上去和试图拿走Ayato, 许多无法说明的事开始发生。他的母亲有名门出身并且他的朋友不似乎认识Mishima, 他认为是他的同学。以唤醒他的血液, Ayato 再次得到在Rahxephon 并且这时候虽则冲破了障碍围拢东京。它结果海外是相当不同的。不仅仅在居民感觉, 而且在时间感觉。什么发生了在世界上? 并且什么是东京Ayato 长大? 这些和更多问题将被回答作为故事移动。

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