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Japan Anime

ANIME DVD Kamen Rider Ghost RE:BIRTH The Movie: Kamen Rider Specter/ 假面骑士幽灵 RE:BIRTH 剧场版 :假面骑士 Specter by Takuro Fukuda
Code : 9555329253367
Price : MYR19.90 SGD9.45 USD7.76 RMB53.73 MYR15.92 / SGD7.56 / USD6.21 / RMB42.98
Weight :200 g
Director :Kazuya Kamihoriuchi ,
Year :2017-08
Genre :Others ,
Subtitle :Chinese , English , Malay ,
Language :Japanese ,
Video Format :NTSC ,
Discs :1
Region Code :ALL ,
Model :DVD ,
Manufacturer :VBG Network Sdn Bhd ,
Producer :ANIME 动漫 ,

The Story begins with a delirious lullaby emitting from the space as the view changed to space where the Gamma World and it's satellite appeared, before it zooms to an asteroid where an old man sung the lullaby while trying to free himself, bleed himself while doing so.

The scene then changed to the Gamma World, where Makoto Fukami found Alainvisiting a place similar to a cemetery. Alain stated that it's still a long way to go before they could restore the blue sky in Gamma World. Alain is about to break down when Makoto reminded him to follow what his heart said, similar to what Adonis said before his death. Hearing that, Alain cheers up and said that their fighting is not over yet. Makoto also said that their fight has just started before Alain left. Makoto reminds himself to his late Father, Daigo Fukami before he followed Alain

Meanwhile, Akari and Igor are working to make an air purifier machine to restore the blue sky on Gamma World, although Akari still can't find the formula to do so. In a fit of frustration, Akari almost slapped Igor again before apologizing. Nevertheless, Akari become more determined before slapping Igor again.

At Daitenkuu Temple, Takeru is struggling with his homework with Jabel and Narita supervising him. Takeru bemoaned about Onari whereabout, while Jabel replied that with Edith disappearance, Onari was working alone at his Detective Agency with Shibuya and Yasushi as his coworker. Onari himself was trying to search of a missing pet when Akari call him and Takeru.

Back to the space, the old man still trying to freed himself from the prison as the asteroid hit the Gamma Satellite and about to crash into Gamma world. On the other hand, Makoto, Alain, Kanon and Alia is eagerly waiting for Takeru and co arrival. Upon their arrival to the Gamma world, with the machine as well, Alain thank them all. However, before they able to test it, a meteor shower occur and some of it crash landing near the monolith, revealing the old man, now freed. And exclaimed that he's back.

As Makoto (and Onari) tries to follow the problem source, the view changed to a staircase where Gyro found the old man and identify him as Danton. Soon, both of them are locked on a cruel brawl, where Danton easily defeat Gyro, even when the latter transformed into Gamma Perfect Superior and get absorbed, presumably killed. Makoto as Specter arrived late and saw Danton. However, as Danton touched him, a suppressed memory within Specter awaken. Danton also realizing this before he introduce himself and apologized, stating that he only want to give happiness to humanity. Onari who saw all of this decide to go back and report.

Makoto finally de-transformed and Danton states that it's been a long time since they last met. Makoto and Danton then decide to sight-seeing the city and Makoto explained that due of the Red Sky in Gamma world, the people resides here are suffered with many disease, to the point when even Shiki couldn't help much. Many citizens then starts to complaining about how slow Alain worked, when Makoto angrily said that they need to be patient a little more.

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