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ANIME DVD Yu Gi Oh ! Arc-V / 游戏王 Arc-V Vol. 1 - 148 End by Tsutomu Kamishiro
Code : 9555329252629
Price : MYR119.00 SGD56.52 USD46.41 RMB321.30 MYR95.20 / SGD45.22 / USD37.13 / RMB257.04
Weight :1500 g
Director :Katsumi Ono ,
Year :2017-05
Genre :Others ,
Subtitle :Chinese , English , Malay ,
Language :Japanese ,
Video Format :NTSC ,
Discs :12
Region Code :ALL ,
Model :DVD ,
Manufacturer :VBG Network Sdn Bhd ,
Producer :ANIME 动漫 ,

In Paradise City's You Show Duel School, a second year middle school student named Yuya Sakaki aspires to become a professional Dueltainer, and awakened a new power called Pendulum Summoning which attracted attention of the Leo Corporation's president, Declan Akaba. Yuya later meets three Duelists who greatly resemble him: The collected Xyz duelist Yuto whom he unknowingly absorbed, the overconfident Synchro duelist Yugo, and the sadistic Fusion duelist Yuri. These look-alikes originate from other dimensions besides Yuya's Standard Dimension as he and his friends find themselves in the middle of an interdimensional conflict against the Fusion Dimension's Duel Academy, which Yuri attends. Duel Academy is led by his estranged father, Leo Akaba, who seeks to unite the four dimensions. Declan formed a group of elite Duelists called the Lancers to stop his father, while they build their numbers during their travels to the Synchro and Xyz Dimensions.

Gradually recognizing a dark presence swelling inside him since absorbing Yuto, Yuya learns he has a strong psychic connection to him, Yugo, and Yuri that occurs whenever their summoned dragons are calling one another. Yuya and his friends also realized that Leo seeks to capture Yuya's childhood friend, Zuzu Boyle, and the Lancers' Fusion Dimension member, Celina, as they are identical to the Xyz Dimension's Lulu Obsidian and Rin of the Synchro Dimension who were already captured. Arriving in Fusion Dimension to save Celina, Zuzu gets captured as well with Yuya and the Lancers infiltrating Duel Academy to save the girls. When they confront Leo, he reveals the four dimensions used to be one world until the day a mad duelist named Zarc attempted to destroy everything. Leo intended to stop Zarc with the special En Cards he created, only for his daughter Ray to steals the cards and sacrifice herself in his stead to defeat Zarc while splintering the world into the four dimensions.

Leo reveals that Zarc is the darkness within Yuya and his counterparts, who are themselves remnants of Zarc's scattered essence, which has been compelling them to absorb each other so Zarc can be reconstituted and exact his revenge. Only Ray, who has been reincarnated as Zuzu and her counterparts, had been subconsciously preventing Zarc's attempts to reawaken, prior to Leo having the girls abducted, in order to merge them back into his daughter, and reunite the 4 dimensions into the Original Dimension, using his Arc-V Reactor. This would also allow him to personally end Zarc. But the Arc-V Reactor was unable to fully restore Ray's physical form as Leo planned. After Yuri absorbed Yugo, Zarc capitalized on the turn of events by taking over Yuya's body and having him absorb the willing Yuri to complete his resurrection. Yuya's friends all proceed to challenge Zarc in a series of two-on-one duels to stop him while reaching out to Yuya. Ultimately, with Ray possessing Declan's adopted sister, Riley, to fight Zarc, Yuya manages to regain himself to help Ray defeat Zarc with the En Cards. This splits the dimensions once more.

When Yuya awakens in the Standard Dimension that has been reborn as the Pendulum Dimension, he had no memory of his experience across the dimensions or of Zuzu until Declan restored his memories and everyone else's with a reenactment of the Arc League Championship. Declan then reveals that Riley used a moment in the dimensional divide to transfer Zarc's essence from Yuya into herself to keep the evil spirit from being scattered across the dimensions again. Riley turned into a catatonic infant girl as consequence, Declan fearing that Zarc may eventually take over Riley's body and resume his rampage again. Yuya is told that only he, as Zarc's essence, can stop Zarc for good by using his Dueltaining skills to make Riley smile and pacify the possessing spirit. Yuya proceeds to travel to other dimensions and defeat the other Lancers with Riley watching the footage. On his way, Yuya finds Zuzu and her counterparts still inside the of Arc-V Reactor in an inactive state. Though his counterparts help him tame the Four Dragons, Yuya learns he made no progress with Riley, and convinces Declan to let him take the professional duelist test right after he got promoted into Senior class, and Declan became his opponent. Learning who Zarc was in life, Yuya and his counterparts manage to defeat Declan and pacify their past counterpart. This act awakened Ray, who appears in the Pendulum Dimension and revives as Zuzu, with her counterparts now a part of her, similar to Yuya's case, reuniting the two of them at last.

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