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CHINA DRAMA DVD Scarlet Heart II / Scarlet Heart 2 / 步步惊情 EPISODE 1-39 END by 徐伊亮、吴迎盈 (C18)
Code : 9555209014392
Price : MYR79.90 SGD37.95 USD31.16 RMB215.73 MYR63.92 / SGD30.36 / USD24.93 / RMB172.58
Weight :400 g
Staring :吴奇隆 , 刘诗诗 , 孙艺洲 , 蒋劲夫 , 刘松仁 , 刘心悠 , 叶青 , 陈翔 , 叶祖新 , 曾轶可 ,
Director :李国立 , 林玉芬 , 郑伟文 ,
Year :2014
Genre :Family / Love / Relationship , Modern ,
Subtitle :Chinese , English ,
Language :Chinese/ Mandarin ,
Video Format :NTSC ,
Discs :10
Region Code :ALL ,
Model :DVD ,
Manufacturer :Multimedia Entertainment Sdn Bhd ,

张晓是一个北漂白领,跟大多数一样向往美好的爱情,稳定的工作。一次机缘巧合下,她来到一家著名的大型互联网集团“震天”工作。初入职场的她跟所有新人一 样,处处受到排挤,还好受到上司殷正的关怀,逐渐成熟,她与殷正也产生了一种难言的情愫。此时,又一名温柔、善解人意的男子康司瀚闯入了张晓的世界。殷 正、康司瀚原来都是震天集团未来继承人的候选,张晓莫名的卷入了由他们引发的家族商战之争。经过一番变故,张晓终于明白了自己的真爱在何处,勇敢坚定的和 他一起走向未来的幸福

Zhang Xiao is a southerner, who moved to Beijing working as an OL, with dreams of romance and a stable job. By coincidence, she gets a job at a conglomerate ‘Zhen Tian'. Like all newbie, she’s bullied and stepped on, the saving grace is her boss Yin Zheng.
As she gets the hang of it, she and Yin Zheng develops mutual feelings for each other, when a gentle, considerate guy Kang Xi Hang steps into Zhang’s world. Yin Zheng, Kang Xi Hang both are fore-runners in next in line inheriting the firm. Zhang is twirled into the eye of the corporate battles. After twists and turns, Zhang finally realizes where her heart is at, and bravely chooses to spend her future with her true love.

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