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Japan Anime

George shrinks vol.1-20 VCD George shrinks vol.1-20
Code : VS0411
Price : MYR14.00 SGD6.65 USD5.46 RMB37.80 MYR11.20 / SGD5.32 / USD4.37 / RMB30.24
Weight :300 g
Genre :Boy Series Animation , Girl Series Animation ,
Subtitle :English , Chinese ,
Language :Cantonese ,
Discs :7Manufacturer :Vscape Enterprise ,

George is the narrator of the show. Episodes range from trips to the aquarium to work around the house, vacations with his parents and playing outside. Because of George's tiny size, even mundane activities often become dramatic adventures filled with excitement and learning. His primary mode of transportation is his Zooper car, a multi-purpose device able to transform into a helicopter, car, submarine, or plane. George often has interesting encounters with animals, who do not talk but show intelligence throughout the series. On two occasions, he has encountered robotic aliens his own size, and helped them get back home.

The show affects a retro-1940s look, with simple animation and colors. Primarily jazz is used for background music, reflecting both his father's occupation as a musician who tinkers with inventing new musical instruments and his mother's style as an avant-garde artist. It is revealed several times, however, that events take place in the year 2000.

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