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TV HongKong

HONG KONG TVB DRAMA Where The Legend Begins 洛神 Eps.1-27 End by Chan Ching-yee 陈静仪 (HK15)
Code : 9555209007288
Price : MYR49.90 SGD23.70 USD19.46 RMB134.73 MYR39.92 / SGD18.96 / USD15.57 / RMB107.78
Weight :380 g
Staring :蔡少芬 , 马浚伟 , 陈豪 , 郭羡妮 , 麦长青 , 刘丹 , 汪琳 , 林韦辰 , 顾纪筠 / Ada Choi , Steven Ma , Moses Chan , Sonija Kwok ,
Director :Mui Siu-ching 梅小青 ,
Year :2002
Genre :Ancient Period , Family / Love / Relationship , Horror / Science Fiction / Thriller , Others ,
Subtitle :Chinese , Malay , Chinese Simplified/简体文字 ,
Language :Cantonese , Chinese/ Mandarin ,
Video Format :NTSC ,
Audio Format :AUDIO STEREO ,
Discs :5
Region Code :ALL ,
Model :DVD ,
Manufacturer :Multimedia Entertainment Sdn Bhd ,
Producer :HONG KONG TVB ,

Story about the Cao brothers in the Three Kingdoms Period in Chinese history is well-known to many Chinese people - two princes competing for both the throne and a legendary beauty named Yin Fu. TVB adapts this classic story to make its biggest production in 2002, titled Where the Legend Begins. , Ada Choi plays a radiantly beautiful, intelligent and compassionate beauty Yin Fu, whereas Steven Ma acts as the carefree, kind-hearted and poetically talented Cao Ji. They love each other deeply but Yin Fu is sentenced to death by Cao Ji's brother, Cao Pi, who believes in rumors about her misbehaviors. Fans enjoy seeing Ada Choi and Steven Ma as a couple a lot, as proved by their previous collaboration On the Track or Off. In Where the Legend Begins, they both perform their roles to perfection, winning the Best-loved Characters in Dramas awards in TVB's 2002 Anniversary Show. Moses Chan and Sonija Kwok take up the two other important roles. Moses Chan is the ambitious Cao Pi, an arrogant and jealous man that Chan enacts so well. His outstanding performance and his handsome appearance in ancient costume not only won him many fans, but also the Most Improved Actor award in 2002. Sonija Kwok, Miss Hong Kong of 1999, plays the wicked Kwok Huen, and Sonija Kwok tackles this villain role pretty well as a new TV actress. Gu Kei Kwan, TVB's famous program hostess, sings and dances in a TV drama for the first time, but her professional performance takes all the viewers by surprise. Other veterans in the supporting cast also give splendid performances.


甄宓(蔡少芬)为绝色美人,一代枭雄曹操(刘丹)以宓乃其故人之后为名,垂涎宓美色为实,故奉甄家为上宾。宓身边的男子莫不为其惊世之貌而倾倒,操长子丕(陈豪)及三子植(马浚伟)亦不例外。丕刚毅勇武,不惜冒犯操救宓于险境;植才华洋溢,细心温柔。   宓本对二人皆有好感,惟其后看清丕为人器量狭窄而对其失望。反观植,其与宓根本是一对璧人,一个郎才,一个女貌。然在操的旨意下,宓被配婚予丕,成为政治斗争的牺牲品……   《洛神》的故事家传户晓,曹操垂涎绝色美人甄宓的美色,他的长子曹丕及三子曹植亦不例外。本来甄宓对曹丕及曹植均有好感,因为丕刚毅勇武而植才华洋溢,细心温柔,可惜后来她发觉丕为人器量狭窄,因此非常失望。然而,在曹操的旨意下,她被配婚予丕,成为政治斗争的牺牲品,宓忍痛下嫁丕,植万分痛苦,变得文思不再。操死,丕登上帝位后仍一直想加害植,后来更误信谣言,以为儿子是植的骨肉,因此以毒酒赐死宓,并将植贬斥远地,拆散一对璧人……

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