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23Sep2020 - 11:33 22 AM
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Japan Anime

Girls First Season DVD vol.1-11end Girls First Season DVD vol.1-11end
Code : D
Price : MYR25.00 SGD11.88 USD9.75 RMB67.50 MYR20.00 / SGD9.50 / USD7.80 / RMB54.00
Weight :300 g
Genre :Girl Series Animation ,
Subtitle :Chinese , English ,
Language :Japanese ,
Discs :1

High school student Yukinari has always been teased by girls due to his being vertically-challenged, so much so that he developes female-phobia (whenever he touches a female, rashes will break out).

One day, after returning home from school, he falls in the bathtub and is transported to Siren, a place inhabited only by women. There, he meets the mysterious girl Miharu, Kirie, a childhood friend, classmate Koyomi, who suffers male-phobia, Tomoka, who looks like a child, and the noisy siblings Fukuyama Kazuharu and Risa. They all create a host of problems for Yukinari.

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