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English Anime

ANIME DVD Transformers Animated / Toransufōmā Animeteddo by Henry Gilroy (A41)
Code : 4918800001430
Price : MYR39.90 SGD18.95 USD15.56 RMB107.73 MYR31.92 / SGD15.16 / USD12.45 / RMB86.18
Weight :300 g
Director :Ben Jones ,
Year :2007-2009
Genre :Boy Series Animation , Robot/ Robotics/ Mecha ,
Subtitle :Chinese , English , Malay ,
Language :English ,
Video Format :NTSC ,
Audio Format :AUDIO STEREO ,
Discs :2
Region Code :ALL ,
Model :DVD5 , DVD9 ,
Manufacturer :Nanomic Entertainment ,
Producer :ANIME 动漫 ,

Season 1 In the first season, Megatron's disembodied head was revived, and worked with Issac Sumdac, under the disguise of an Autobot, to rebuild his body. This usually involved incidents such as the creation of the Dinobots and Soundwave. Finally, the Decepticons Lugnut and Blitzwing manage to revive Megatron with Sari's stolen key. Megatron killed Starscream and fought the Autobots, a battle that ended with Issac Sumdac captured and the AllSpark seemingly destroyed. Season 2 In the second season, the Autobot Elite Guard (consisting of Ultra Magnus, Sentinel Prime, and Jazz) came to Earth to retrieve the AllSpark, only to learn of its destruction. When they were about to take the earth-bound Autobots back to Cybertron, Starscream was resurrected by an allspark fragment, and proved to the Elite Guard of the Decepticon activity on the planet, as well as the remaining fragments of the AllSpark. Throughout the season, the Autobots continued to retrieve fragments of the AllSpark, and all the while meeting new friends and foes. Meanwhile, the Decepticons continued to construct a Space Bridge to reach Cybertron, and by the end of the season, completed it. The ensuing battle resulted in Megatron and Starscream's head imobile in space, and the loss of Autobots Blurr and Omega Supreme (who was revealed to be the Autobot ship). Meanwhile, Sari discovers she does not have any proof that she is Sumdac's daughter or even if she exists, so she was evicted from Sumdac Tower and ended up living with the Autobots. At the end of the season, Sari eventually discovers she isn't just a human, but a robot.


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