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ANIME DVD Thunder Cats Season 1 + Season 2 Chapter 1 - 130 End (A44)
Code : 9528200061214
Price : MYR79.90 SGD37.95 USD31.16 RMB215.73 MYR63.92 / SGD30.36 / USD24.93 / RMB172.58
Weight :300 g
Genre :Boy Series Animation ,
Language :English ,
Video Format :NTSC ,
Audio Format :AUDIO STEREO ,
Discs :4
Region Code :ALL ,
Model :DVD5 , DVD9 ,
Manufacturer :Animedia Entertainment ,
Producer :ANIME 动漫 ,

Season 1 Following the destruction of their home planet Thundera, the surviving Thunderans (a cat-human race) hope to find a new home, only to be attacked by mutant pirates. All but one Thunderan ship are destroyed by the mutant attacks. Aboard that ship, Jaga instructs seven other Thunderans to board their stasis pods while he directs the ship to the nearest planet Third Earth. The ship crashes, Jaga dies and the other Thunderans call Third Earth their new home. Gifted with the ability to use the coveted Sword of Omens, the young Lion-O takes leadership of the Thundercats to battle the mutants and their new leader Mumm-ra, who has awakened from his eternal sleep on the planet. 霹雳猫原本居住的【霹雳星】 因为面临末日浩劫而发生大爆炸,在星球毁灭之前,一群被挑选出来的霹雳猫们乘搭太空船逃了出来,它们在一个叫做【第三世界】 的行星上重建家园。


Season 2 The second season of Thundercats proved to be a great challenge for its writers; up to this point the evolution of the series had remained fairly simple, whilst throwing in some lengthy stories which would provide some great storylines, and in turn create a solid enough mythology. Ambitions soon became higher; not only would season 2 continue in the tradition of providing several epic storylines, but so too would it introduce new characters, new vehicles and bring back one or two familiar faces. 霹雳猫不同于一般的猫科动物,它们的外表是猫脸人身,与人类一样用两脚行走,每一个霹雳猫都拥有不同的特殊能力,而他们的力量皆来自于【霹雳眼】 。然而,来自【普隆达星】 的变种人,千方百计想夺取这种含神秘力量的【霹雳眼】,为了达到目的,变种人接受【第三世界】的万恶之首【木乃伊】 的提议,听从他的指挥,对霹雳猫展开一连串的攻击,协助他征服整个【第三世界】。


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