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KOREA DRAMA VCD Someday 有一天 (C17)
Code : 9555209001552
Price : MYR79.90 SGD37.95 USD31.16 RMB215.73 MYR63.92 / SGD30.36 / USD24.93 / RMB172.58
Weight :500 g
Staring :裴斗娜 , 李镇旭 , 金岷俊 , 吴允儿 ,
Genre :Family / Love / Relationship , Modern ,
Language :Chinese/ Mandarin , Korean ,
Video Format :NTSC ,
Discs :16
Region Code :ALL ,
Model :VCD Complete Set ,
Manufacturer :Multimedia Entertainment Sdn Bhd ,

The first Korean drama to integrate animation and live action, OCN Someday is like no drama that has come before. Through outstanding cinematography and visual design, this groundbreaking drama beautifully lenses Korea's contemporary urban landscape and peeks into the moody, imaginative world of a comic book artist, portrayed by Bae Du Na. By melding animation and live-action, the drama not only successfully captures the comic book aesthetic, it takes it one step further by turning the television screen into a moving comic book, complete with panels and speech bubbles. Written by movie screenwriter Kim Hee Jae(Hanbando), someday represents another landmark work from Ywllo9w film, whose other 2006 titles include the critically acclaimed Alone in Love and Freeze. A "movie-like drama" with top-end production values, Someday features film star Bae Du Na(The Host), drama favorite Kim Min Joon(Lovers in Prague), and rising stars Lee Jin Wook(Smile Again) and Oh Yoon Ah(Alone in Love). In contrast with its fanciful images, the drama stays candid and grounded in its exploration of modern relationships and romance, presenting a story that is both painfully realistic and longingly lighthearted. Although Korean-Japanese cartoonist Yamaguchi Hana(Bae Du Na) has found great success with her romantic comic books, she herself doesn't believe in love. Raised by her grandmother, she is content to live in her own world of writing and drawing, but one day her comic gets discontinued. Unceremoniously thrown back into the real world, Hana moves to Seoul where she meets Kim Seok Man(Lee Jin Wook), a kind-hearted private investigator with a tragic past, and Go Jin Pyo(Kim Min Joon), a doctor and ardent comic fan who observes life with a detached eye. As Hana retraces the tragic love story of her elderly neighbors with Seok Man and Jin Pyo's help, she realizes that she herself is experiencing love for the first time. 首部揉合了动画及现实的韩国OCN电视剧--《有一天》由《韩流怪吓》裴斗娜扮演奇妙的漫画大师,剧中呈现她内心的美丽画面,再加上动画的特效,让全剧呈现出天马行空的幻想世界! 《有一天》是YellowFilm投入45亿韩元的大制作,有如去年《冻结。爱》和《恋爱时代》一样的大卡司,由《实尾岛》金熙在编剧,演员阵容除了裴斗娜之外,还有《布拉格恋人》金岷俊、《再次微笑》新人李镇旭和《恋爱时代》吴允儿。聚集并非只有如诗如画的影像,剧中那种充满悲伤的过去之恋和直率大胆的现代之恋,与女主角创作的漫画《有一天》相辅相成;浪漫动人的故事,于主人翁在痛苦的现实之中找到一处心灵乐土的同时,让日本到韩国的旅程更加丰富饱满,让爱情更加贴近生活。 故事讲述日韩裔漫画家山口花Hana(裴斗娜)所绘画的爱情漫画虽然成功,然而她自己却不相信爱情。在祖母照料下成长的Hana,内心只有漫画和文字。一天,她的漫画突然被停刊了,她为了追寻一个过世老邻居的故事孤身到了首尔,因此遇上了有悲惨过去的司机侦探林锡万(李镇旭),对漫画狂热、但对生命公平对待的医生高振彪(金岷俊)以及对爱情洒脱的工作狂郑惠英(吴允儿)。在锡万及振彪二人的帮助下,Hana再次对爱充满希望!

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