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Japan Anime

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A New Pokémon movie may help renew the Pokecraze that swept the world not so long ago. The movie which is already featured on the on the Pokemon2002 website.The Movie's title is Pokémon Crystal: Raikou - Ikazuchi no Densetsu. Which loosely translated goes something like Pokémon Crystal: Raikou - Legend of Thunder.Details on the movie are scant at the moment, but much more should be revealed before January 30th when the movie is scheduled to be released. However since Raikou is in the movie's title, it is safe to assume that the movie will focus on the legendary Pokémon. Raikou is a legendary dog, although he resembles a cat in the Pokémon incarnation. He is mostly gifted with Thunder attacks and similar attack to certain other yellow Pokémon.The trailer also briefly mentions Pikachu: The movie and gives a release date of July 13th in Japan for that movie.You can check out the website (in Japanese) here and view the trailer here. There also may be a clue to what the movie holds in the poster also displayed on the movie website. You can look and judge for yourself and perhaps head on over to the newly re-opened ANN forums and discuss it with other Pokémon fans. 游戏圣诞







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