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Japan Anime

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Weight :100 g
Genre :Boy Series Animation ,
Subtitle :Chinese , English , Malay ,
Language :English ,
Discs :1
Model :DVD ,

Episode 9 (Season 5) - Plant It Now... Diglett Later

A village of kind, elderly people prepares a great meal for Ash and friends, and in return requests that the Pokemon Trainers assist them in defending their village against a gang of marauders that invades the village every year and attempts to rustle their sizable herd of Diglett. In explaining this to the children, the village’s elderly mayor loses his train of thought numerous times, leaving Ash and friends completely confused by his request, until an unlikely source offers some clarification. The leader of the gang in question appears, succinctly restates the mayor’s explanation, promises to return the following day with his gang, and finally excuses himself politely. A bit puzzled by this genteel marauder, Ash and friends nonetheless accept the mayor’s request and along with Team Rocket, whose insatiable appetites had brought them to the dinner as well, begin fortifying the town against attack. When our heroes venture into the enemy camp, however, they learn that there is more to the marauders’ plot than meets the eye.

Episode 10 (Season 5) - Hi Ho Silver... Away!

Ash, Misty, and Brock run into a local shopkeeper who introduces them to one of her friends, a jewelry maker who tells them the legend of the fourth Whirl Island. When they first encounter the jewelry maker they find that he and his Sandslash are very ill. After Ash, Misty, and Brock help them to recover, they learn that the jewelry maker is in love with the shopkeeper and wants to propose. As usual Team Rocket isn’t far behind and up to no good with a plan to try and steal all of the jewelry in the town.

Episode 11 (Season 5) - The Mystery Is History

While on their quest to locate a mysterious Pokemon, Ash, Misty, and Brock run into their old friends Richie, and his Pikachu, Sparky. They also meet a young boy and his Lanturn, who has made friends with a baby Lugia. Meanwhile, Butch and Cassidy of Team Rocket are hatching a plan to capture the baby Lugia in hopes of eventually catching its parent. Jessie and James also try to catch the adult Lugia, but are unsuccessful.

Episode 12 (Season 5) - A Parent Trapped!

With the young Lugia in the possession of Butch and Cassidy, Ash and friends set about rescuing it while protecting its parent from itself. The parent Lugia fights desperately to free its child—playing right into Team Rocket’s hands. If Ash fails to win the Lugia’s trust and convince it not to oppose Team Rocket alone, it seems this Pokemon is fated to end up in captivity along with its child.

Episode 13 (Season 5) - A Promise is a Promise

Ash and friends do their best to free the captured Lugia from Team Rocket, but are eventually overwhelmed by a new technology that emotionally manipulates Pokemon, amplifying their rage and enhancing the power of their attacks. This heightened power enables Butch and Cassidy to not only capture the parent Lugia, but to take captive Ash and friends as well. A Team Rocket researcher insists that true power lies in fury, but Ash hopes to prove that trust between man and Pokemon holds the key to a greater power still, and to free himself and his friends in the process.

Episode 14 (Season 5) - Throw In The Noctowl

Ash phones Janina, and she says Sparkle is feeling much better, and everything is set for the match tomorrow. Unfortunatley, Ash and friends miss the ferry ride to Olivine City! He meets this old guy who says he has a plane and can fly them there. His name is Alexander but he likes to be called "Wings". He has a Noctowl, and tells a story. When it was once Hoothoot it was a great battler that evolved into Noctowl. Ever since then, Wings and Noctowl have helped rescue people and flown people on thier plane. A big storm is brewing up, and Team Rocket are in their Meowth balloon, and the storm is getting worse, so Wings decides to help them and brings them aboard!

Episode 15 (Season 5) - Nerves of Steelix

After an incident with Team Rocket and a giant Wobuffet robot, Ash goes to finally battle Jasmine in Olivine City. She uses a Magnemite and a Steelix. Pikachu beats Magnemite, but Steelix seems unstoppable.

Episode 16 (Season 5) - Bulbasaur... The Ambassador!

Ash gets a surprise request from Professor Oak: it seems to Pokemon in the Professor's laboratory have taken to fighting amongst themselves, all of the Professor's attempts to stop them ending in failure. Knowing that Ash's Bulbasaur has much experience peacemaking between Pokemon, Professor Oak enlists this Pokemon's services. Sure enough it isn't long after Bulbasaur's arrival that peace returns to the laboratory, but will the same endure even after Bulbasaur leaves? If not, can Ash bear being separated at length from one of his oldest and best Pokemon friends?

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