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05Dec2021 - 01:18 55 AM
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Japanese Drama : Last Present 最后的礼物
Code : 8261328203135
Price : MYR0.00 / SGD0.00 / USD0.00 / RMB0.00
Weight :400 g
Genre :Family / Love / Relationship , Modern ,
Subtitle :Chinese ,
Language :Japanese ,
Discs :8

We are now having a promotion and is giving away 1 Free Item for 1 Purchased Item in our website. Please refer to our Free Item Policy in the link below to get a more detailed information regarding this promotion :- Domoto Tsuyoshi plays a comedian in a comedian pair that hasn't had any success for a long time. Tsuyoshi's wife played by Kanno Miho owns a baby clothes shop. The couple had a child who died at a very young age. Husband and wife seem to live separate lives and both are unhappy, maybe because the loss of their child and the frustration that the husband's career is going nowhere.

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