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The Third Wheel DVD 撞翻姻缘路 撞翻姻缘路 DVD The Third Wheel
Code : DVD-DJ
Price : MYR9.90 SGD4.70 USD3.86 RMB26.73 MYR7.92 / SGD3.76 / USD3.09 / RMB21.38
Weight :100 g
Genre :Comedy / Love ,
Subtitle :English , Chinese , Malay ,
Language :English ,
Discs :1

Region Code: ALL
Picture Format: NTSC


  本片是麦特戴蒙和班艾佛雷克首次参与制作的电影。史丹利(路克威尔森)对聪颖又美丽的黛安娜(丹妮丝理察斯)一见倾心。胆小害羞的他一天终于鼓起勇气约会黛安娜,想不到黛安娜毫不犹疑的说「好」。老友米高 (班艾佛雷克) 见他为了这个重要约会弄到失眠又失措,于是一心帮帮他,在史丹利约会黛安娜那一晚安排一系列的「人造」奇遇,令他们两人过一个浪漫难忘的晚上。岂料,老友米高却越帮越忙,搞出连环笑料... 毕竟姻缘天注定,看看史丹利和黛安娜是否「有情人终成眷属」?

Stanley has worked with Diana and harbored a crush for a quite a while. When he finally gets the courage to ask for and secure a date with her, he wants everything to go perfectly but he couldn't have expected Phil! On the way to the date, Stanley accidentally bumps Phil, a homeless man, with his car, and can't shake him for the rest of the night. Not the makings for romance, but will true love win out?

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