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Water Spirit VCD Water Spirit VCD
Code : PMP-2036CM
Price : MYR19.90 SGD9.45 USD7.76 RMB53.73 MYR15.92 / SGD7.56 / USD6.21 / RMB42.98
Weight :150 g
Genre :Horror / Thriller / Science Fiction ,
Subtitle :Chinese , Malay ,
Language :English ,
Video Format :NTSC , PAL ,
Discs :2
Model :VCD ,

Six 15-year old girls are boarders in a sinister school where they spend every single day terrorised and maltreated by a fearsome nun. One day the nun discovers that one of the girls is pregnant. Totally scandalised by this turn of events, she tries to purify her. Her friends watch as their friend is tortured and, consumed by their own fear and anger, they decide to help her. The nun was never seen again and the school suddenly closed a few weeks afterwards.
17 years later, each of the 6 girls has rebuilt their individual lives in their own way. They have all followed their own paths through life hoping that by not having any contact with each other, they would become distanced from this terrible secret and manage to bury it for ever.
But one night, one of the women is brutally murdered. A couple of days later, another woman from the original group of 6 girls in the boarding school is also slain in the same horrific way.
The remaining women start to feel that the murders are linked and on seeing that their own lives may also be in danger, they are forced to reunite after all these years and confront their dark secret, the trauma it has caused, and reality itself. They have to eliminate the nun before she eliminates them all herself.
They know she has returned, and is seeking revenge.
The only way to triumph over the nun is to return to the place where it all started all those years ago - the boarding school.
Eva, the 17 year old daughter of one of the murdered women, joins the rest of the women and together with some of her friends, she discovers her dark and terrifying past.


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