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The Da Vinci Project: Seeking The Truth VCD+CD The Da Vinci Project: Seeking The Truth VCD+CD
Code : D-M (PMP)
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Weight :300 g
Subtitle :English , Chinese ,
Language :English ,
Discs :1

  The Da Vinci Project: Seeking The Truth

Plot Synopsis:

  Decipher the secrets of Da Vinci's code along with a team of dedicated filmmakers before delving into a detailed dossier filled with revealing interviews and startling finds in a release that allows the convenience of watching a documentary while also providing the indispensable knowledge of the written word. With never-before-seen pictures and documents, filmmakers delve deeper into the mystery to reveal a series of controversial and remarkable findings.

  The documentary and the chronicle of a dark and fascinating journey that helps us decipher the mystery behind Da Vinci's Code. We are going to look at never seen pictures of old documents, now lost forever!

01 Intro
02 The Sion Prieur
03 The Secret Dossiers
04 Rennes Le Chateau and Berenger Sauniere
05 The Holy Graal and the Magdalene
06 Qumran and the Temple of Salomon
07 The Rosslyn Chapel
08 Leonardo Da Vinci
09 The “Last Supper”
10 The real Secret unveiled

  The original soundtrack of the documentary, a great selection of music from Pino Donaggio, Patrick Kenneth to Oscar winner Nicola Piovani.

01 Francis Kuipers     - Women at sea
02 Patrick Kenneth     - Sublimatio
03 Costantino Brigliadori - Merlin the Magician
04 Nicola Piovani      - Talor io canto
05 Costantino Brigliadori - Morgana Spell
06 Patrick Kenneth     - Qumran
07 Pino Donaggio      - Salmo I
08 Ornella D'urbano     - Memories
09 Patrick Kenneth     - Sophia
10 Pino Donaggio      - I segreti del parlatorio
11 Pino Donaggio      - La comunione
12 Ornella D'urbano - The Book of Thel
13 Nicola Piovani      - Journey to the sea
14 George Mondard      - Maria Magdalena
15 Costantino Brigliadori - Faires

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