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Daimajin Kanon 大魔神卡农 Vol.1 - 26 End
Code : 9555329236971
Price : MYR39.90 SGD18.95 USD15.56 RMB107.73 MYR31.92 / SGD15.16 / USD12.45 / RMB86.18
Weight :350 g
Genre :Others ,
Subtitle :Chinese , English , Malay ,
Language :Japanese ,
Video Format :NTSC ,
Discs :2
Region Code :ALL ,
Model :DVD ,
Manufacturer :Lambaian Filem ,

Misaki Kanon, a young woman who came to the big city with dreams of becoming a singer. At first everything goes well, she falls in love and works towards her dream. But then her boyfriend betrays her and Kanon loses her faith in people and sight of her dream. Once upon a time she sang the song of prayer as a small child in a remote mountain village where the Daimajin rests, now she has to regain her song to find herself and maybe save the world, too. A mysterious man from the village is searching for her so that she may help him and his comrades when the time comes.


里久鸣佑果所饰演的主角巫崎卡农一边借助周围的力量成长,一边试图唤醒被称为「魔人大人」的大魔神。 與之前不同的是,本片中還將有新的角色——由為人所愛之物和動物所轉生的,被稱為「御妖」的妖怪們登場。与之前不同的是,本片中还将有新的角色——由为人所爱之物和动物所转生的,被称为「御妖」的妖怪们登场。

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