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The Womanizer / PS Man 偷心大圣PS男 Part 2 Eps.10-21 End (Eng Sub) Taiwan Drama
Code : 9555209006755
Price : MYR49.90 SGD23.70 USD19.46 RMB134.73 MYR39.92 / SGD18.96 / USD15.57 / RMB107.78
Weight :300 g
Staring :蓝正龙 , 温昇豪 , 隋棠 , 白歆惠 , 小小彬 ,
Director :刘俊杰 ,
Year :2010
Genre :Family / Love / Relationship , TVB Series Offer ,
Subtitle :Chinese , English ,
Language :Chinese/ Mandarin ,
Video Format :NTSC ,
Discs :4
Region Code :ALL ,
Model :DVD ,
Manufacturer :Multimedia Entertainment Sdn Bhd ,
Producer :TAIWAN 三立 ,

Jia Han Jie, a well-known writer on gender and famous TV pundit, or P.S. Man who has excelled in stealing ladies' hearts, was sentenced to forced labor for 158 hours after ruffing a few feathers at a movie premiere in the pursuit of Amanda, the top fashion model.
Jia Han Jie,who did not realize that Ma Xiao Qian was the braced-teeth girl whom he bullied back in their childhood,ran into her at Angel kindergarden.Now Ma tried to get revenge on Jia whenever she got the chance,but eventually she accidentally fell in love with the womanizer.
One day on his way driving the kindergarteners home with the school van,Jia Han Jie met Meng Cheng En (played by Weng Sheng Hao),a second generation of a wealthy and influental clan,and had a conflict with him.In order to prove that he was superior to anyone else,Meng then declared war with Jia.He would rob everything Jia desired,including the top first model Amanda.
Meng Cheng En was attracted by the innocence of Ma Xiao Qian,and turned to pursue her.Though Jia won Amanda's heart,he found the one he truly loved was Ma Xiao Qian.However,Jia could no longer turn back because what tied him were not only the true love of Amanda but also he trust and affection of Amanda's illegitimate child,Little top .Meanwhile Ma Xiao Qian liked Jia,but she did not intend to get involved in the relationship between Jia and Amanda.Therefore,she accepted Meng and agreed to his proposal...


知名的两性作家、电视名嘴、偷心界圣字辈的P.S.男、夏和杰(蓝正龙饰)为了追求第一名模阿曼达(白歆惠饰),大闹电影首映会会场,被法院判处158小时的社会劳动役。 夏和杰被分派到天使幼稚园。幼稚园的老师碰巧是夏和杰小时候的同学、马小茜(隋棠饰)。夏和杰没认出马小茜就是小时候老被他欺负的钢牙妹!马小茜爱面子也没说穿这段往事。如今仇人相见,小茜逮到机会就恶整夏和杰,但却意外地在报复的过程中爱上了花心的和杰! 在某天开娃娃车送小朋友回家的途中,夏和杰意外跟豪门第二代孟成恩(温升豪饰)发生冲突,自大的夏和杰杠上了狂傲的孟成恩!孟成恩为了证明自己高人一等,对夏和杰全面宣战!只要是夏和杰想要的东西,他通通都要抢走,包括第一名模阿曼达! 在这场名模的争夺战中,孟成恩认识了小茜。他被小茜的纯真所吸引,转而追求小茜。夏和杰虽然赢得阿曼达的芳心,但是此刻他却发现自己真正喜欢的人是马小茜。不过此时的夏和杰已经难以回头、牵绊他的除了阿曼达的真情、还有阿曼达的私生子小陀螺(小小彬饰)对他的信任及感情!小茜虽然喜欢和杰,但她不愿意介入夏和杰与阿曼达的恋情,她选择接受了孟成恩的感情,答应了孟成恩的求婚。 “P.S男”跟“钢牙妹”的恋情会在遗憾中划下句点?还是王子、公主最后过着幸福快乐的生活?

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