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DVD Vengeance 复仇 (Eng Sub) Hong Kong Movie
Code : 9555209005499
Price : MYR19.90 SGD9.45 USD7.76 RMB53.73 MYR15.92 / SGD7.56 / USD6.21 / RMB42.98
Weight :250 g
Staring :约翰尼·哈里戴 , 黄秋生 , 林家栋 , 林雪 , 叶璇 , 任达华 , 黄日华 , 张兆辉 , 吴廷烨 , 邵美琪 , 西尔薇·泰斯图德 , 谷祖琳 , 冯淬帆 ,
Director :杜琪峰 ,
Year :2009
Genre :Detective / Action , Modern ,
Subtitle :Chinese , English , Malay ,
Language :Cantonese ,
Video Format :NTSC ,
Discs :1
Region Code :ALL ,
Model :DVD ,
Manufacturer :Multimedia Entertainment Sdn Bhd ,

第62届康城电影节参赛作品,《复仇》是杜琪峰首次与法国着名歌手 Johnny Hallyday 合作,集合大脑鬼才韦家辉,以及《枪火》、《放.逐》的杜氏班底黄秋生、任达华、林家栋、林雪在澳门再度聚首,展开一次敌友难分的复仇行动。 擅拍黑帮片的杜Sir,把首次大银幕演出的「法国猫王」 Johnny Hallyday 塑造为冷血杀手 COSTELLO,为遭灭门之祸的爱女(Sylvie Testud 饰)寻回公道,前来因澳门而展开一幕幕的报仇,三位职业杀手—鬼 (黄秋生饰)、柱 (林家栋饰) 及肥乐 (林雪饰)各就位协助COSTELLO 进行复仇计划,同时间 COSTELLO 因记忆力衰退而面临杀机…… 杜琪峰在《复仇》中带领观众穿梭香港和澳门大街小巷,在兄弟情义与枪火之间,各人在这次这次复仇之旅都要付上沉重代价,片中任达华扮演黑帮大反派,叶璇演收留 COSTELLO 的奇女子,还有好戏之人 冯淬帆、张兆辉、吴廷烨、邵美琪和罗永昌等助阵。由《枪火》以至《放.逐》,男性情谊始终是香港黑帮电影引人入胜的题材之一,且看杜琪峰杀手三部曲之《复仇》如何以极眩目的方式将之再次演绎。 ohnnie To rounds up the regulars and legendary French singer Johnny Hallyday for the quintessential crime actioner Vengeance. Written by To's usual collaborator Wai Ka Fai, Vengeance follows in the footsteps of The Mission and Exiled with the pulpy story of a Frenchman and a trio of hitmen out for revenge in Macau. Johnnie To once again turns bullets, brotherhood, and bloodshed into pure cinematic beauty. Shot mostly in English, the film surrounds Johnny Hallyday's hitman-turned-chef with a supporting cast of To's regular stars including Anthony Wong, Lam Suet, and Gordon Lam as eccentric hitmen, and Simon Yam as the nefarious mob boss. Michelle Yip, Eddie Cheung, Maggie Shiu, Felix Wong, Berg Ng, and Stanley Fung also appear in Vengeance. French chef Costello (Johnny Hallyday) arrives in Macau to see his daughter (Sylvie Testud), whose husband and kids have been killed by mob hitmen. A former hitman himself, Costello has memory problems because of a bullet lodged in his brain, and must get revenge before he forgets everything. Wandering Macau, he happens upon affable hitmen Kwai (Anthony Wong), Chu (Gordon Lam), and Lok (Lam Suet), and hires them to avenge his family. The four of them manage to track down the killers, but Kwai, Chu, and Lok find out a few gunfire showdowns too late that their boss (Simon Yam) was behind the hit.


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