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JD: Mop Girl 抹布女孩 DVD
Code : 2961400021911
Price : MYR49.90 SGD23.70 USD19.46 RMB134.73 MYR39.92 / SGD18.96 / USD15.57 / RMB107.78
Weight :170 g
Genre :Family / Love / Relationship , Modern ,
Subtitle :Chinese , English , Malay ,
Language :Japanese ,
Discs :3Manufacturer : ,

Kitagawa plays the part of the slow but hardworking Momoko, a low-ranking employee at a funeral services company who carries a mop as part of her job.However Momoko happens to possess a strange ability. Whenever she comes across the corpse of someone who has left strong feelings behind, she travels back in time to save that person from his or her fate. 长谷川桃子(北川景子饰)从小就立志成为婚宴礼仪者,却常常冒冒失失地弄坏了许多婚宴.某日,又闯祸的桃子被调到分公司[Little Angels], 那是一间丧葬仪式公司. 她被分配到工作非常忙碌的调动处,而且还有个刻薄又爱外国妞的上司- 大友将太郎(谷原章介饰). 他是负责带领神秘的[特殊清扫课], 专门处理命案现场的清理作业.而桃子在这时发现自己拥有一种特殊的能力,每当她触碰到死者的遗物,耳边就会出现一个女人的声音,并且回到过去展开一场拯救死者的冒险行动,去挽救他们的生命......

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