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E-M : Charlie 2 百变飞车
Code : 6895339000715
Price : MYR16.90 SGD8.03 USD6.59 RMB45.63 MYR13.52 / SGD6.42 / USD5.27 / RMB36.50
Weight :100 g
Staring :尼基塔 , 沃克卡 ,
Genre :Horror / Thriller / Science Fiction ,
Subtitle :Chinese ,
Language :Chinese/ Mandarin , German ,
Video Format :PAL ,
Discs :1
Model :DVD ,

The 11-year-old orphan Felix misses his brother Charlie , who had left him with his foster parents six years ago . He has been secretly constructing a "car" from a wrecked engine . When he connects his laptop , the car with the help of a mouse that run across the keyboard - established contact with the Internet , and then it has a mind of its own ! From this moment on the car , which Felix calls Charlie II , has an insatiable appetite for new information - and that's not all . Charlie II is determined to see the world , and to do so he needs wheels . If Felix helps him get hold of some , Charlie II promises to help the boy find his brother . The "Magical“ software that Felix has accidentally downloaded from the Internet was developed by Anna Dixon , who is working on an artificial intelligence project sponsored by her uncle . When Anna discovers who stole her software she is soon hot on the wheels of Charlie II . But Anna doesn't realize that her uncle is actually using her work to develop a fighting robot , so he is now using all his power to get rid of Charlie II…… 该片故事生动,情节设计别出心裁,一个十一岁的少年独自驾驶赛马车在公路上飞驰,躲避秘密地下组织的追击。两个反派角色在追击搏斗的过程中也是笨拙滑稽,笑料百出,趣味十足。

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