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JD: Kui-Tan 美食侦探王2 DVD
Code : W000623
Price : MYR35.90 SGD17.05 USD14.00 RMB96.93 MYR28.72 / SGD13.64 / USD11.20 / RMB77.54
Weight :250 g
Genre :Family / Love / Relationship , Modern ,
Subtitle :Chinese , English ,
Language :Japanese ,
Video Format :NTSC ,
Discs :2
Region Code :ALL ,
Model :DVD ,
Manufacturer : ,

The title of this drama, "kui TAN" is short for "kuishinbou no tantei" or "The Gluttonous Detective". The title pretty much says it all. The main character (played by Higashiyama Noriyuki from the old JOHNNY's group shounentai) is a detective who has an endless appetite, and is constantly eating. He always has food on his mind. Nevertheless, he is a brilliant detective and always solves the case.The drama begins when he joins a private detective agency generically named "Holmes Agency". There are only two other people who work there. One is a mediocre detective named Ryousuke played by Morita Gou from the JOHNNY's boy group V6. The other is a secretary/assistant named Kyouko (Ichikawa Mikako).Holmes agency goes poking their noses into police business a lot, and the "kui TAN" solves the cases by finding clues hidden in food. The police chief soon realizes the kui TAN's talent, and allows him to cooperate in police business. But there is also the daughter of an important police official played by Kyouno Kotomi who doesn't care much for the kui TAN or Holmes Agency, and tries to keep them out of police business. She is disliked by most everyone, but people have to listen to her because of who her father is. She also has a bungling sidekick named Igarashi (Sano Shirou) who she is always yelling at. "IGARASHIII!"
与其称为侦探片,不如看作轻喜剧片。(其实,直到这一刻,自己不怎么明白,轻喜剧片与喜剧片有何不同呢?)当美食与侦探联系在一起的时候,如果还是那般严肃和紧张,多多少少破坏了美味了呢,是不是呢?要想成为侦探可能并非很难,只要够仔细、够推理;但要想成为美食侦探,还必须天生发达的味蕾,绝非人人拥有。不过,纵然此生无法成为美食侦探(或许根本就没有想要成为),美食侦探的一些态度还是值得好好想想和学习的。之一,发现生活中的美食。请一定要记住:美食不问出生。美食,可能就是一只包子,一个面包。之二,“我们一起吃饭吧?” “一起吃过了饭,我们就是朋友了呀。”之三,请怀着感恩的心享用食物。
要知道,每个食物本身也是有生命的。我们享用了他们,是他们赋予了我们力量和能量,同时将他们的生命在我们身上得以延续。之四,为所爱的人做饭菜是一件幸福的事情。当听见所爱的人说“好吃”的时候,自己就更加希望自己能加倍努力做出更多好吃的饭菜。之五,为你做饭菜,这不单单是做饭菜而已,其中包含的不仅仅是时间,更多的是功夫-饱含了我对你的爱意。之六,请由衷地多多赞美吧,不要吝啬。“好吃!”(O YI XI)之七,看完之后,吃饭之前会不会也冒出一句,“YI DA DA KI ME SI”?(我开动了)

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