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HK-M: Crystal Hunt《怒火威龙》DVD
Code : 9555409604584
Price : MYR10.90 SGD5.18 USD4.25 RMB29.43 MYR8.72 / SGD4.14 / USD3.40 / RMB23.54
Weight :150 g
Staring :甄子丹 , Donnie Yen , 胡慧中 , Sibelle Wu , 吴嘉丽 , Carrie Ng , 卢惠光 , Ken Lo , 梁家仁 , Leung Kar Yan ,
Genre :Detective / Action , Modern ,
Subtitle :Chinese , English , Malay ,
Language :Chinese/ Mandarin ,
Video Format :NTSC ,
Discs :1
Region Code :ALL ,
Model :DVD ,
Manufacturer :Dragon Jester Entertainment Sdn Bhd ,

This standard Hong Kong action film from director Pak Lam Chui was filmed in Thailand using much of the same cast and crew as the contemporaneous Cheetah on Fire. Carrie Ng stars as Lisa Li, who gathers an expedition to seek out the legendary Gold Crystal God, which, according to the local mythology, has the power to heal her deathly sick father.

Naturally, she isn't the only one after this valuable treasure, and her rivals soon kidnap the professor who is guiding her. Lisa presses on regardless, along with the professor's daughter, Police Superintendent Wu (Sibelle Hu), and former police officer Chi-liang (Donnie Yen), who acts as their tour guide. Nonstop action and gunplay lead up to a thrilling climactic battle in a cavern filled with deadly traps.

The expected visual references to the Indiana Jones series and various '70s drive-in features are enlivened by spirited performances and exuberant pacing, making this an above average low-budget adventure. Gordon Lau co-stars with Ken Lo, Leung Kar-yan, and Michael Woods.

在一次行动中,胡拍挡被杀,胡誓要擒拿主谋。莉萨派刘教授找寻金晶石母回来为父疗病, 可惜刘行踪被犯罪集团首领史提芬和艾迪知悉。史挟刘往寻石母,刘女儿雪联同男友良追寻父下落。同时丽莎等人亦跟踪雪而到并且强迫胡、良和雪一起为她追寻。众人的行动完全被史监视, 一番浴血搏斗渐渐展开……

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