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19Sep2020 - 11:37 49 PM
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TV HongKong

ATV DVD Love In a Miracle DVD 爱在有情天 ATV Hong Kong Drama
Code : M003B03L
Price : MYR144.00 SGD68.40 USD56.16 RMB388.80 MYR115.20 / SGD54.72 / USD44.93 / RMB311.04
Weight :850 g
Staring :马景涛 , 陈秀文 , 陈展鹏 , 李香琴 , 金燕玲 , 马苏 , 吕有慧 , 江毅 , 蓝洁瑛 , 谢雪心 , 黄韵材 ,
Director :杨绍鸿 ,
Genre :A TV , Family / Love / Relationship ,
Subtitle :Chinese ,
Language :Cantonese ,
Discs :18
Model :VCD Complete Set ,

广西大户孙家的孙大奶奶(李香琴)只有独女秀冬(马苏),无人继承香灯,只好招婿入赘。以酿酒为生的沈悠然(马景涛)决定入赘换取免收地租拯救乡民。成亲两年后秀冬发现患有不育之症,孙大奶奶逼令悠然和陌生女子阮曼清(陈秀雯)行房『借复产子』,曼清因父亲欠下巨款,被逼答应并诞下一对龙凤胎。 多年后悠然与曼清重逢并爱的一发不可收拾,秀冬得悉后变得疯了似的。悠然和曼清决定返回故乡酿酒。『心泉清酒』再次重现为乡民偿还地租,拜托孙家的逼害,孙大奶奶一气之下竟要炸毁泉眼及杀害悠然。悠然、曼清及秀冬的命运又将会如何呢? Old Madam Suen (Lee Heung Kam) of the Suen family arranged a marriage between her only daughter Sau Tung (Ma Su) and Shum Yau Yin (Ma Ching Tao), a man who made wind for his living. Two years later, Tung was unable to have any babies to carry on the family name. Old Madam Suen decided to make an indecent arrangement and forced Shum to spend the nights with an unknown woman - Yuen Man Ching (Amy Chan). Yuen needed money urgently and had no choice but to bear the baby of Shum. Finally, Yuen delivered a pair of twins. Years later, Shum and Yuen met again and their love for each other sparkled immediately. When Tung knew their affair, she became mad. Shum decided to return to his village with Yuen and started a new life there. When they successfully made the special wine to pay back the Suen Family, Old Madam Suen was so angry that she wanted to destroy the water source for wine-making and even kill Shum ... What will happened to Shum, Yuen and Tung then...?

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