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HKM:Don't Fool Me
Code : 9555409604638
Price : MYR10.90 SGD5.18 USD4.25 RMB29.43 MYR8.72 / SGD4.14 / USD3.40 / RMB23.54
Weight :100 g
Staring :刘德华 , Andy Lau , 梁朝伟 , Tony Leung , 陈加玲 , Charine Chan , 毛舜筠 , Teresa Mo , 成奎安 , Fui-On Shing , 田丰 , Feng Tien , 黄秋生 , Anthony , 黄一山 , Gabriel Wong , 袁洁莹 , Fennie Yuen , 翁世杰 , Sai-Kit Yung , 陈惠敏 , Wai-Man Chan ,
Director :Herman Yau ,
Genre :Detective / Action , Modern ,
Subtitle :Chinese , English , Malay ,
Video Format :NTSC ,
Discs :1
Region Code :ALL ,
Model :DVD ,
Manufacturer :Dragon Jester Entertainment Sdn Bhd ,

Two friends, Hero Hwa (Andy Lau) and Chiang Ho-Chie (Tony Leung) star are two old friends who meet up in later life. Hwa is a triad gang member and Ho-Chie is an insurance salesman, Hero is looking for a career change and Ho-Chie has become disillusioned with life after discovering he has a "bubble" in his brain that could burst at any time killing him. The two decide to switch lives for a bit with the Triad going respectable and the Insurance Salesman taking on the world of the Triads. As well as a new life, both of the two friends find new love.  影片主要讲述浪子华英雄偶然结识因脑中长水泡而被辞退的保险公司高级职员张豪杰,并在他的介绍下进入保险公司工作,很快得到上司梅小姐的垂青。张也结识 了黑帮老大的女儿芬妮,但担心脑病拖累她而处处躲避。华陪张去医院拿证明时,遇上抢劫,不想劫匪正是华的旧友。华英雄说服他们束手就擒,真的变成了中环英 雄。

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