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My Mother Is A Belly Dancers 师奶唔易做
Code : 8886356017792
Price : MYR15.90 SGD7.55 USD6.20 RMB42.93 MYR12.72 / SGD6.04 / USD4.96 / RMB34.34
Weight :100 g
Staring :Sydney 雪梨 , Kristal Tin , 田芯妮 , Ken Tong , 汤镇业 , Cheung Wing Hong , 张颖康 , Monie Tung , 董敏莉 ,
Director :李公乐 ,
Genre :Modern ,
Subtitle :Chinese , English , Malay ,
Language :Cantonese ,
Video Format :PAL ,
Discs :2
Model :VCD ,

"See Lai"- that's Cantonese slang for the sorts of sloppily-dressed and no longer youthful housewives we see around us everyday. Those newly middle-aged "aunties" whose husbands barely notice them, whose kids treat them merely as nannies and housemaids, and who seem to suffer from a loss of youthfulness, beauty, and passion with every passing day. Exactly when and why do these typical Hong Kong housewives, living in massive and anonymous public housing estates, stop feeling as if they are beautiful? When do they start specializing only in shopping for groceries every afternoon, hustling and bustling at the vegetable market just to get their eggs and apples a few bucks cheaper? Could the ancient and exotic art of belly dancing actually be their savior? Or will it bring about their downfall, as their husbands and their entire communities revolt against a dance that they think of as "decent" and only fit for fallen women? Director Lee Kung Kok's mirthful and sometimes heartbreaking new film, My Mother is a Belly Dancer... 田蕊妮、雪梨、董敏莉放下身段做屋村师奶,在片中大跳肚舞,展开一场师奶革命,搞到林家栋、汤镇业、林子聪这班男人笑料百出,人情味十足。

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