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DVD Forbidden Quest 淫乱书生 Korean Movie
Code : 0601225286219
Price : MYR14.90 SGD7.08 USD5.81 RMB40.23 MYR11.92 / SGD5.66 / USD4.65 / RMB32.18
Weight :200 g
Staring :韩石圭 , 李凡秀 , 金敏贞 ,
Director :金大宇 ,
Year :2006
Genre :Comedy / Love ,
Subtitle :Chinese , English ,
Language :Korean ,
Video Format :NTSC ,
Discs :1
Region Code :1 ,
Model :DVD ,

名师之徒,也是当代最有名的书生尹书(韩石圭饰)不想追求权力,党派之争对他来说毫无兴趣。一直 过着悠闲贵族生活的尹书,在反对派的阴谋下不得不接一个头疼的案子。在处理案件的过程中尹书平生第 一次接触到了色情书籍,并且从书中感觉到了无比的兴奋。于是他萌生了想写淫乱小说的想法.
尹书以秋月色为笔名开始发表了他的淫乱小说,一心想成为天下第一小说家的尹书,觉得自己一个人的力 量还不够。于是他恳求自己家族的宿敌,恶名远扬的广宪(李范修饰)为他的小说画画。广宪最后也忍不 住小说的诱惑同意与尹书携手共创淫乱小说。美丽又有格调的文采遇见了生动活泼的画,称得上是锦上添 花、画龙点睛!忘掉贵族的本分,俩人完美的组合下诞生了最好的作品,他们的作品同时也成为了当时的 热门话题。
随着外界对作品的反响越来越热烈,尹书和广宪的热情也越来越高涨。但是两人怎能料到接下来发生的事 会如此的重大厖他们合作的《黑谷秘史》出炉之后,传到了深受皇上宠爱的女人郑彬(金敏贞)手里, 尹书和广宪的命运将有怎样的改变呢?

At the start of the film, Kim Yoon-Seo, an Inspections officer (police inspector) is seen at his home where his brother has been beaten almost to death. His family wants to submit a false appeal to the king accusing the family of the Deputy Prime Minister, the Lim family. The Lim family had by the past submitted a false appeal against Yoon-Seo's family. However Yoon-Seo does not wish to submit such an appeal, much to the anger of his elders. He returns to the court where the King hands him an important assignment. The King's concubine, Jung-bin, had a painting she had drawn mounted, but it was replaced by an exct copy, she only realised because of the lack of a scribble she had drawn on the back. The King would like Yoon-Suh to find the culprits. Yoon-seo is impressed by the talent of the artist who made the fraudulent copy. Jung-bin is in turn impressed by Yoon-Seo's knowledge on the subject and invites him to talk to her some more about art some day. Yoon-Suh teams up with Lee Gwang-hun, an inspector who likes to torture people in his dungeons, to try and hunt down the culprit. They enter a shop in their search for the criminal. In the basement Yoon-Seo encounters an old man transcribing an erotic story book. Back upstairs a group of men from the village enter the shop and engages in a fight with Gwang-hun, who beats them away with his truncheon, however Yoon-Suh is knocked out so Gwang-hun takes him back to his house with him. When Yoon-Suh awakes he admires Gwang-huns painting artwork. Back at the shop the old man confesses to Yoon-Seo that he does not wish to protect the mounter either, but that one of his friends is involved and he does not wish to betray him. After Yoon-Seo has promised to protect his identity, the old man gives him an address he may go to. Out of curiosity before he leaves he reads few verses from the book the old man is reproducing. He is at first outraged by the content (pornography being illegal at the time), but when the old man says the whole city is waiting for the book he shows some interest and perhaps embarrassment about never having heard of the author. He reports later to the King that he found the culprits and had each flogged fifty times.

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