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HONG KONG DRAMA DVD With or Without You / 東坡家事 by 关淑芬,吴志强,区彦媛,危匡怡
Code : 9555209016648
Price : MYR64.00 SGD30.40 USD24.96 RMB172.80 MYR51.20 / SGD24.32 / USD19.97 / RMB138.24
Weight :450 g
Staring :Bobby Au-Yeung , Joey Meng , Vincent Wong , Jacqueline Wong , Alice Chan / 欧阳震华 , 万绮雯 , 王浩信 , 陈炜 ,
Director :黄伟声 ,
Year :2015
Genre :Others ,
Subtitle :Chinese , English , Malay ,
Language :Chinese/ Mandarin ,
Video Format :NTSC ,
Audio Format :AUDIO STEREO ,
Discs :6
Region Code :ALL ,
Model :DVD ,
Manufacturer :Multimedia Entertainment Sdn Bhd ,

The drama is a fictional account of the family life of Song dynasty poet Su Shi also known as So Tung Po.

Unable to forget his late wife, So Tung Po (Bobby Au Yeung) has refused to remarry until he meets talented female chef Wong Yun Chi (Joey Meng) who wins him over with her cooking. Thinking life will get better, he marries Yun Chi, but after marriage the two constantly bicker and Tung Po's son from his first marriage does not accept his new step mother .

Besides his own marriage Tung Po is also concerned with his youngest sister So Siu Mui's (Jacqueline Wong) love life since he believes her flirtatious boyfriend Chun Siu Yau (Vincent Wong) will eventually leave her and break her heart. Also his other younger sister So Dai Mui (Harriet Yeung), who still has not gotten over her first love that is now married to someone else.[3]

So Dai Mui finally marries with Tung Po's friend, Chan Kwai Sheung. They were lovers when Kwai Sheung was working in a temple. However that time he chose another one to marry. But the wife he marries is shrewish and claimed by Tung Po as "the lioness of Hedong". And eventually he is separated from his wife and be with Dai Mui.

Before marrying Siu Mui, Siu Yau told Tung Po a secret he's been keeping from Siu Mui. Siu Yau is a divorced man, with a divorce certificate he showed to Tung Po. However, his ex-wife returns to seek him after knowing he's already been the Champion of Keju. She lies to everybody that she is unaware of the divorce certificate. To not break her heart, Siu Mui chooses to serve Siu Yau with her. However Tung Po and Jeon Chi finally discover her she has been lying to everyone except her parents for a long time. She re-separate with Siu Yau.

Siu Yau goes to Silkworm Village for a working journey. He goes investigating the plague happened in the silkworm village since he used to help the villagers there. The plague is caused people to act as zombies. The plague was from Wong On Shek while he was planted the virus with an injury after he was fired by the emperor. Siu Yau found it in the medical classics knowing the plague is so call Baak Bin Ku and make up the antidote. When he and Siu Mui are both in illness, Tung Po save them with the antidote. This makes Wong On Shek and So Tung Po end with their argument.

The Emperor was dating with Kum Chow who is a famous prostitute in the Capital. She was introduced by Tung Po to the emperor. Underneath the prostitute's cover, she is actually a spy from the Kingdom of Liao. She set a lot of traps, and the plague is one of them.

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