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ebay dvd

Code : 2c79f98a19
Price : MYR19.90 SGD9.45 USD7.76 RMB53.73 MYR15.92 / SGD7.56 / USD6.21 / RMB42.98
Weight :250 g
Subtitle :Chinese , English ,
Language :Malay ,
Video Format :NTSC ,
Discs :1
Region Code :ALL ,
Model :DVD ,

Based on the hit television animation "Bola Kampung", about a boy named Iwan and his friends who stumble upon a group of kids dressed in fancy costumes playing football in strange places and when Iwan's team is invited to play this increasingly popular style of football known as Street Soccer, the boys are hooked instantly. The movie takes Iwan and the gang on an all-new adventure when Iwan has to send a princess on the run from assassins from the virtual world back to her own world. However, whilst doing so, Iwan and his friends are pulled into the virtual world too. In order to get back to their own world, they have to select three challenges, one of which is football, only to them, it is Street Soccer a.k.a. Bola Kampung. Thinking that it is a piece of cake, they find to their horror that football in the virtual world is played against giant robots. Will Iwan and his friends ever be able to return to their own world?

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