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DVD Secretly Greatly 伟大的隐藏者 / 3个特攻美少年 Korean Movie (Eng Sub)
Code : 8886356075846
Price : MYR12.90 SGD6.13 USD5.03 RMB34.83 MYR10.32 / SGD4.90 / USD4.02 / RMB27.86
Weight :100 g
Staring :金秀贤 , 朴基雄 , 李玹雨 , 孙贤周 Kim Soo-hyun , Park Ki-woong , Lee Hyun-woo ,
Genre :Classic , Detective / Action , Modern ,
Subtitle :Chinese Simplified/简体文字 , English , Malay ,
Language :Korean ,
Video Format :NTSC ,
Discs :1
Region Code :ALL ,
Model :DVD ,

北朝鲜间谍元流焕金秀贤饰) 接受代号“赤壁花”的潜行任务,潜入京畿道富川的月亮村,在当地与村民们打成一片,并暗中收集南韩民众的政治军事倾向及理念,向北朝鲜进行汇报。元流焕作 为间谍活动的最大原因除了是对祖国的忠诚,也是为了守护身在祖国自己母亲的安全。元流焕与化身为吉他手并成为偶像歌手培训生的黑龙组第三代组长李海浪(朴基雄饰)以及五星组第四代组长李海真(李玹雨饰)是影片中的三名花美男间谍,而他正是三人组中的领袖式人物。影片主要讲述以元流焕为首的南派间谍花美男三人组在南韩的经历,以及他们被北朝鲜抛弃后所发生的一系列故事。

A group of spies called the 5446 Corps were trained by North Korean elite special forces since their youth, ostensibly towards the lofty goal of unifying Korea. They are ambitiously dispatched to South Korea, where each disguises himself as a fool, an aspiring singer, and a high school student. Passing boring time without receiving any orders from the North, they gradually get used to life as ordinary neighbors in a small town until one day, their mundane lives are turned upside down when a "secret and great" mission is suddenly assigned to them. Due to the events of the Second Battle of Yeonpyeong, South Korea demands the names, location, and rank of 30 North Korean spies active in South Korea, promising financial aid to the North on the condition that Pyongyang turns in their spies. To prevent the elites from falling into enemy hands, the North Korean government orders dozens of active duty spies to take their own lives. Meanwhile their North Korean army instructor Kim Tae-won crosses the border to eliminate those who refuse to follow.

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