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Discovery & Documentary

Discovery - Peru 秘鲁DVD
Code : C00378
Price : MYR29.90 SGD14.20 USD11.66 RMB80.73 MYR23.92 / SGD11.36 / USD9.33 / RMB64.58
Weight :100 g
Genre :Travel / Scenery / Geography ,
Subtitle :Chinese ,
Language :English ,
Video Format :PAL ,
Discs :1
Region Code :ALL ,
Model :DVD ,
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Situated on the northwest corner of South America, the Peruvian Andes contrast dramatically with the lush tropical rain forests making Peru one of the most geographically and culturally diverse countries on earth.

Traveler Neil Gibson starts his adventure in Peru's capital Lima. From there he travels north to trek through the glaciers from the Andean city of Huaraz. Via the surfing town of Trujula, he moves into the Amazon and explores the abundant rain forest wildlife. Taking a flight south he ends his journey in the Inca capital of Cuzco. 秘鲁位于南美洲的西北角,雄伟壮观的安第斯山脉及茂密的热带雨林使秘鲁成为世界上地势与文明最多样化的国家之一。旅行家尼尔吉布森从秘鲁的首都利马开始了他的冒险旅程。他艰苦跋涉,度过了始于安第斯人城的河流,最后到达到了北方。穿过了冲浪圣地,他来到了亚马逊河,并在那里探究了丰富多资的雨林野生生物。最后她搭飞机来到了印加首都——库斯科,并且在那里结束了他的旅程。

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