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Discovery & Documentary

Discovery - Sydney City Guide 悉尼城市指南DVD
Code : C00371
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Genre :Travel / Scenery / Geography ,
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Language :English ,
Video Format :PAL ,
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Sydney is the gateway to Australia, a vibrant and cosmopolitan city built around a beautiful natural harbor, overlooking the South Pacific. Inhabited by aboriginal people for over 60,000years, the arrival of the convict ships from Britain in the 19th century changed the face of this now cosmopolitan city forever.

Globe Trekker traveler Justine Shapiro spends a week discovering the cities famous modern landmarks and discovering its traditional and often overlooked past. She starts her journey in the King's Cross district and ends it in Sydney 2000 Olympia site and the wealthy north shore region. 悉尼位于澳洲的东南海岸,它是澳大利亚最大、最古老的城市,也是一个日益国际化的大城市。他那天然美丽的海港一直俯瞰着太平洋的南部。大约60000年前,那天就开始有人居住。19世纪的时候,满载犯人的轮船从英国海运而来,悉尼的命运从此改变,他从此逐渐向发达国家靠近。环球旅行家贾斯廷夏皮罗花了一周的时间探索了这座城市非常著名的的现带地标,以及它的传统习俗,以此来研究他的过去。他从国家的十字区开始了他的旅程,最后结束于2000年悉尼奥运会的运动场地和富饶的北海岸区域。

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