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Could reptiles be the most successful and fearsome group of animals on the planet? With their armoury of weapons, their finely tuned senses and their incredible ability to adapt, modern reptiles have inherited the dinosaurs' dominant role on earth. Their world is fascinating and bizarre; where chameleons put on kaleidoscopic displays; Lizards squirt blood from their eyes and alligators set up home on the golf courses of Florida.
These creatures are armed to kill. They have steel-trap jaws, dagger-like teeth and a bite more deadly than a shark.   Like the Gila monster, which attacks with venom, inflicting festering but fatal wounds? Or merciless assassin snakes with switchblade fangs as sharp as hypodermic needles and enough poison to kill ten people. And they are smart-alligators that send coded messages, iguanas that run on water and the green turtle that uses magnetic crystals in its brain to navigate across the ocean. A Diamondback rattlesnake can inject a tracer to track its dying prey and baby snakes fish for trout with their tongues!
  What's more, reptiles can take all that humans throw at them. Turtles bask in power station warmed waters, geckos enjoy the insect attracting delights of city nightlife and Komodo dragons develop a taste for fast food. While in Florida, there are alligators on the fairways and boa constrictors in the suburbs. Reptiles are here to stay and may be coming your way 爬虫类可会是世上最成功和最可怕的生动?它们有先进武器,敏锐触角和超强应力。现代爬虫类继承了恐龙在地球的领导地位。它们生存在离奇古怪的世界;有颜色千变万化的变色龙;眼睛喷血的晰蝎和以佛罗里达州高尔夫球场为家的鳄鱼。
  它们都拥有致命的武器,例如强有力的上下颚和比鲨鱼更锋利的牙齿。有毒的西拉晰蝎不致命但会令人非常痛楚;有弹弓刀般毒牙的蛇的毒液足够杀死 10个人;聪明的鳄鱼以密码的读息沟通;能在水上跑的晰蜴和脑部有滋场导航的海龟;能在猎物体内注入追踪器的棱背响尾蛇,还有用舌头捉鱼的幼蛇。

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