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Discovery & Documentary

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Genre :Animal / Dinosour ,
Subtitle :Chinese , English ,
Language :Cantonese , Chinese/ Mandarin , English ,
Discs :2
Model :DVD ,

Across the globe there are deadly clashes between predator and prey, involving millions of animals and amazing spectacles. Get to the heart of the action with the aid of photo-real graphics and innovative filming techniques, and experience it all alongside the animals. This dramatic series unravels the action as it happens, through the experiences of both hunter and hunted.
This is wildlife action on a scale never before seen.
The Deep - Millions of tiny sardines migrating along the coast of Africa are on a collision course with hungry dolphins, sharks, seals and gannets.
The Trap - A million flamingos swoop down on Lake Bogoria in East Africa. They are there to breed and feed, in spite of danger from above and below.
The Crossing - The mass movement of migrating wildebeest across the serengeti in search of fresh grazing land is thought to be thegreatest movement of land animals anywhere on Earth.
The Edge - A terrifying ordeal awaits thousands of Adeli penguins in Antarctica. When the young leave their colony for adult life at sea, a predatory leopard seal lurks menacingly offshore.
The Exodus - Every year, 40 million bats swarm from a cave in Florida. Half are babies precariously taking wing on their maiden flight - straight into the path of snakes and hawks with big appetites. 地球上,某些猎食者和猎物者之间的斗争,动则关系到几百万的生命。本节目运用了照片增强技术和创新的拍摄技巧,近距离进行拍摄,成功揭露猎人与被猎杀者之间的关系,而这一次的规模更是前所未有。

深海争霸:几百万条小沙丁鱼沿着非洲海岸迁徙,遇上一群饥饿的鲨     鱼、海豚、海豹和塘鹅……
危机四伏:一百万只红鹤寄居东非的博格利亚湖,纵然危机从上至下     而来,它们仍留在这里生活、繁殖……
死亡渡河:角马为寻找新鲜草地,冒死穿越塞伦盖提平原,途中遇上     地球上最凶悍的陆上猎人……
瀑布求生:数以亿计的三文鱼每年都要返回出生地--亚拉斯加,但前     面危机重重……
极地觅食:南极的企鹅面临生死考验。小小年细离开家园出海,开始     成年生活,但海豹早已在海岸埋伏……
深洞出击:佛罗里达州的一个山洞内,4000万只蝙蝠正等待着空群而     出,它们中半数还只是幼儿,开始尝试飞行的滋味,但它     们很可能飞进蛇和鹰的口中,成为美味……

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