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Discovery & Documentary

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The storm dragon although has vanished on the Earth for a long time,but they many life styles still obviously saved to the modern age,from the food turkey, on alligator's body, all was allowed to see thestorm dragon former days trace. In this edits in the program, thescientist will use the storm dragon skeleton fossil, the groupsynthesizes an integrity the skeleton, and the union scientificconcept, 11 for us explained their life condition, and demonstratedthey from the birth to the complete process which will perish, thuswill let us thoroughly understand in the history the largest-scalecarnivorous animal's real appearance... ... 暴龙虽然在地球上已消失许久,但是它们许多的生活方式仍可见存于现代,从食火鸡、鳄鱼的身上,都可以看到暴龙昔日的踪影。在本辑节目中,科学家将利用暴龙的骨骼化石,组合成一副完整的骨架,并结合科学概念,一一为我们解释它们的生活型态,并展示它们从出生至灭亡的全部过程,从而让我们彻底了解史上最大型的肉食动物的真实面目……

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