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Discovery & Documentary

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Genre :Travel / Scenery / Geography ,
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Language :English ,
Discs :1
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On the Earth the most difficult place, in the snow and ice cover alsoeverywhere is in volcano rock Iceland, a group of caverns explorers -three brave US girl link swims the world to arrive together thisplace, they will carry on travel of the time of crazy exploration.They enter in the underground cavern which the glacier and the volcanomutually affects produces, inquired into and draws up the Icelandicgrotto magnificent beautiful scene. In in the feeling nature kind ofterrorist strength process, they have recorded the cavern in additionwhich under the center of earth is has not marked, these cavernsmajority of by the humanity had not been discovered or treads thefoot. Believed this program certainly can take to you brand-new, fillsthe mysterious vision to enjoy! 在地球上最艰苦的地方,在冰雪覆盖且到处是火山岩石的冰岛上,一组洞穴探险者——三个勇敢的美国女孩子一起环游世界来到这个地方,她们将进行一次疯狂的探险之旅。她们走进冰川和火山相互作用而产生的地下洞穴里,去探究并绘制冰岛岩洞瑰丽的美景。在感受自然界另类恐怖力量的过程中,她们记录了地心下数以万计未标明的洞穴,这些洞穴大部分未被人类发现或踏足。相信本节目一定会带给你一次全新的、充满神奇的视觉享受!

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