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VCD 100 Days with Mr. Arrogant/Slave Love 无赖男孩 / 我的爱小无赖 / 绑架爱情100天 Korean Movie
Code : 10001
Price : MYR16.90 SGD8.03 USD6.59 RMB45.63 MYR13.52 / SGD6.42 / USD5.27 / RMB36.50
Weight :150 g
Staring :金载沅 , 河智苑 , 金昌完 ,
Director :申东晔 ,
Year :2004
Genre :Comedy / Love ,
Subtitle :Chinese , English ,
Language :Korean ,
Video Format :NTSC , PAL ,
Discs :2
Model :VCD ,
Manufacturer :Mega Star Video ,
Producer :Cinema Service ,

Ha Young is a high school senior who has the utmost zeal and energy for everything she does, except for studying. She gets dumped by her boyfriend on their 100 days anniversary. And on her way home, she lets out her frustration on an empty can of coke by giving it a nice long kick. The flying can hits Hyung Joon on his head while driving his Lexus 430 and crashes his car into the wall. Furious Hyung Joon demands Ha Young to pay for the damage of his car. When he shows up at her school, she agrees to pay for the damage by being his slave for 100 days and signs the & Enslavement Agreement. Then the nightmare of slavery begins ...

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