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VCD Baseball Dream 追风少年 Taiwan Drama
Code : PMP-3067bseball2
Price : MYR29.90 SGD14.20 USD11.66 RMB80.73 MYR23.92 / SGD11.36 / USD9.33 / RMB64.58
Weight :400 g
Genre :Family / Love / Relationship , Modern ,
Subtitle :Chinese ,
Language :Chinese/ Mandarin ,
Discs :14
Model :VCD ,

The crown prince baseball team with brings peace and order to the nation the team to definitely to compete, the crown prince team entire rampart hits Wang Hofei the strength, because opposite party pitcher projects the big storm to throw straight strikes his hard helmet, but on the scene the sea flat opposite party lookout patrolman, the bilateral players greatly fights, the crown prince team is sentenced the prohibition competition. The school authorities loudly shout lose face, and makes dismisses the team the resolution, the training Ah-nu strives to turn the tide, Principal Xu Chieh also helps Ah-nu to speak, the board of directors only then gives Ah-nu last the opportunity: In 3 months if have not sneaked in the university baseball gold cup, extensively recheck the reputation, namely dismiss the team. Ah-nu wants the crown prince team the team member rebuoys up, but the team members actually slightly do not appreciate kindness rendered under, besides the family circumstances poor dragon cat, other players takes the lead in He Feili to instigate, the collective invites the refined language.Ah-nu except convinces the players to return to the team completely with all one's strength, also does everything possible the player which the excavation quite has the potential. One day, Ah-nu saw does not know the limitation delivers the paper lives expels wind from the body or disregards to him already requests not to need again to deliver the newspaper the bulletin, invested as before the newspaper his mailbox. Is pursued the atmosphere seven meat eight elements Ah-nu, actually sees expels wind from the body single-handed urges the locomotive accelerator, another amazingly quick throws the newspaper! He originally nine centimeter wide mailbox mouth, altered to six centimeter, three centimeters, that knowledge expels wind from the body illuminates enters does not harm! Ah-nu knew he had discovered rare baseball rare and beautiful flowers, to expel wind from the body launch the positive solicit, actually discovered originally expels wind from the body originally is the crown prince team manages a household the pitcher, same year because in the family met with the accident, the temporary leave left the team. Ah-nu in order to convince expels wind from the body, for the crown prince team potency, does not hesitate to give up to the son small brave right of guardianship, obtains 500,000 Yuan "to compensate , the total uses for to expel wind from the body, also because considers only is striving for the crown prince team the rebirth, with continues the motion which convinces expels wind from the body, but had forgotten with the small brave agreement, slightly causes bravely to wait for in the heavy rain Ah-nu, because of the heavy rain but high fever serious illness, deepened wife not to forgive to him, all these, all looked in expelled wind from the body in eye.. 太子棒球队与安邦队对决比赛中,太子队全垒打王何飞力,因对方投手投出大暴投直击他的头盔,而当场海扁对方防守员,双方球员大打一架,太子队被判禁止比赛。校方大呼丢脸,并做出解散球队的决议,教练阿诺力挽狂澜,校长徐捷也帮阿诺说话,董事会才给阿诺最后一次机会:3个月内若没打进大学棒球鍢速悐Z金杯,恢复校誉,即解散球队。阿诺要太子队的队员重新振作,但是队员们却丝毫不领情,除了家境清寒的龙猫之外,其余的球员在何飞力的带头怂恿之下,集体请辞。阿诺除了尽全力说服球员们重返球队,也想尽办法挖掘颇具潜力的球员。一天,阿诺见不识相的送报生追风还是无视于他已经要求不要再送报纸的告示,依旧将报纸投入他的信箱。被追风气得七荤八素的阿诺,却见追风单手催机车油门,另一手神速地扔报纸!他把原本九公分宽的信箱口,改成了六公分、三公分,那知追风偏偏照进不误!阿诺知道他已发现了一位不可多得的棒球奇葩,对追风展开积极游说,却发现原来追风原本就是太子队的当家投手,当年因为家中遭逢变故,休学离开球队。阿诺为了说服追风,为太子队效力,不惜放弃对儿子小勇的监护权,以取得五十万元的补偿",全数用来唤j追风,也因为只顾着争取太子队的重生,与继续说服追风的行动,而忘记了与小勇的约定,导致小勇在大雨中等候阿诺,因淋雨而高烧重病,加深了妻儿对他的不谅解,这一切,都看在追风的眼里...。

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