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Payment Methods

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  • We prefer Maybank2U (Malaysia),HSBC Bank (International), DBS Bank(Singapore) and Paypal as payment methods.
  • We also accept credit card (Visa / Master), please make the payment using the Paypal payment option. You will be directed to a SSL-secured page where you can either choose to make payment via credit cards or a Paypal account.
  • If you don't have any of the above, please drop us an email. We will assist you in making payment via a secure environment with any of the major banks.
  • You are required to pay the total amount (Final Prices + Shipping Fee) to our bank account after you have confirmed your order and email us when it is done.
  • We will not refund any amount if you pay extra.
  • Please keep your bank slip and transaction reference number, we may require both in order to process your orders.
  • Please email us at [email protected] after payment made. Please give us the detail date, time, exactly amount and your order reference number.
  • We will ship the item to the address given after payment has been confirmed.

    Maybank, Malaysia

    Account Name: Diong Ong Ham
    Maybank Account Number: 101218265486

    Alliance Bank, Malaysia

    Account Name: Kedai Buku Top Win
    Alliance Bank Account Number: 01130-0-01-180071-6

    DBS Bank, Singapore

    Account Holder Name: Diong Ong Ham
    DBS Saving Account Number:019-9-060630
    Branch Code : 019

    HSBC Malaysia Account

    Account Name: Diong Ong Ham
    HSBC Account Number: 211-099577-108

    HSBC International Account

    Account Name: Diong Ong Ham
    Account Number: 211-099577-108

    Bank Swift Code: HBMBMYKL

    Bank Address: 1, Bukit Timbalan, 80000 Johor Bahru, Malaysia

    (Walk in to bank counter, inform the teller/customer service you want to transfer money into this account in HSBC Malaysia. Please take down the Account Holder Name, Account Number, Swift Code, Bank Address)

    CIMB Bank, Malaysia

    Account Name: Ling Wei Hing
    CIMB Bank Account Number: 01230018647523

    Public Bank, Malaysia

    Account Name: Ling Wei Hing
    Public Bank Account Number: 4584810436

    EON Bank, Malaysia

    Account Name: Ling Wei Hing
    EON Bank Account Number: 0109-10-001290-9

    RHB Bank, Malaysia

    Account Name: Ling Wei Hing
    RHB Bank Account Number: 1-01192-0014290-0

    AMBank, Malaysia

    Account Name: Ling Wei Hing
    AMBank Account Number: 0840010082590


    邮箱:[email protected]

    名字:diong ong ham



    Account Name: DIONGONGHAM
    Account Number: 6222003602105430601

    World Pay Account

    Make Payment By WorldPay


    Make Payment By PayPal

    Western Union

    Account Name: Diong Ong Ham
    Identification Number: 740517-08-6745
    Address : Lot No. 2-11C, Level 2, Pelangi Leisure Mall, Jalan Serampang, Taman Pelangi, 80400 Johor Bahru. Johor. Malaysia.
    Please email Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN) to [email protected]

    Any question, please feel free to contact us

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